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Items of Interest, 2 April 2012

Dr. Fleming has read Philip K. Dick! I was surprised by this recent column: Alien Life Forms.

In the comments section, he writes:
To explore the concept of "cool" would require more space than a newspaper column, much less a comment section. The Magnificent Seven is not at all a bad movie, but it is not good either, especially when compared with Kurosawa's original. It may have been influenced by the apparent coolness of Kurosawa's heroes who are not, however, indifferent, but merely Stoically Japanese.
As for cool, it is largely though not exclusively a post World War II phenomenon that is a convergence of several tendencies. The French existentialists clearly have a strong influence--Camus' Meursault seems indifferent to everyone and everything including his own death. Cool people have few attachments. They can, of course, fall into love or lust or cherish a tender spot for something or someone or somewhere, but outwardly they seem indifferent to their fate. One of the predecessors of the cool film hero is the Bogart persona. Rick Blaine: "I don't stick out my neck for anyone." Film noir heroes and villains are often though not always cool, though Richard Widmark is too over-the-top, usually, to be cool. The Man With No Name and his enemies are ultra-cool, because they are nothing. Harry Callahan, by contrast, only seems cool. At bottom he is a moral and compassionate man who refuses to show what he feels--another thing, entirely. What you put your finger on in the Magnificent Seven is the obvious fact that the Western is not a genre, really, for cool people. In the mythology of the West, only Doc Holliday is cool and that is because he know he is dying.
To cut this short, let me just say that the tight-lipped hero who does not often show his feelings is a solid Anglo-American ideal, who stands in stark contrast with the cool hero who is subhuman. Steve McQueen is a repulsive character in virtually every film as are most cool actors/characters. Cool is also related to hip--the people with so much inside knowledge about the human condition that they are indifferent to it. Hipness is of course a gift from black Americans who cultivated this act. Some time in the future we should take this up at greater length in Chronicles.

Peter Hitchens, Iron Fists, Islamic votes, general thoughts

The Distributist Review:
Thomas Storck, The Chief Question in Economics
Dr. Franciszek Stefczyk: Father of Polish Credit Unions

Jennifer Roback Morse, Privatizing Marriage Is Impossible

Bhutan leads the world to a new economy of happiness

KunstlerCast #199: Communications Wasteland (mp3)
Our Overcomplexity and Hyperdependence on Modern Technology

Healthcare for all in the U.S? by Mary Logan (EB)

"Debacle: Obama's War on Jobs and Growth and What We Can Do Now to Regain Our Future"

Fabius Maximus: We ask the mineshaft: should we be reasonable when arousing America? Perhaps reason plays no role in this battle.
What every American needs to know about the Federal Reserve System

Energy and Technology:
Tomgram: Michael Klare, Welcome to the New Third World of Energy, the U.S.

Are We Oppressed by Technology? by Jeffrey Tucker
Cluelessness which merits a considered response... if it is driven by the free-market then people should adapt right? Even if no real consideration is given to what is required for these practices, i.e. cheap energy. What about respecting people's choices for a simpler way of life? Would we be right to expect the use of contemporary technology by monasteries? As for faciltating communication and strengthening community -- that's bs, if you're still neglecting your neighbors.

Local Good Food - Melo Farms
How to Farm in Your Big City Apartment (Via CollapseNet)

Holy Shit: Managing Manure To Save Mankind by Gene Logsdon

Monk, He Shines
A Canonical Defense of Father Marcel Guarnizo - II
Father Anonymous Responds

The Pope Slipped One Word Into His Speech In Cuba That Makes The Castro Regime Shake
Tehachapi nuns break ground on new future
The Vatican Bank: Moneychangers In the Temple

He's wearing a nice chasuble in the picture, but should Timothy Cardinal Dolan be one of Time's top 100?

A Heart on Fire: Archbishop Chaput's meditation on secularism in the U.S.
Random House
More "power politics" in promotion of the nationalist system, as opposed to genuine community-building?

Feminism and Misandry:
Oz Conservative: You Couldn't Make This Stuff Up
Review: MIRROR MIRROR, Tarsem's Proto-Feminist, Family-Friendly Fairy Tale
Holding Out for a Hero: Katniss and the New (Female) Role Model

Law and Disorder: The End of Male Mentoring at Law Firms

Podcast: 3/28 Brian talks with Dr. Helen Smith, forensic psychologist, about the negative images of men in the media. (mp3) [via Dr. Helen]

From 2010: Kristin Scott Benson With The Grascals – Cutting The Grass Ceiling

Giving socons a bad name?
Dalrock mentions an internet controversy involving Darwin Catholic over the "manosphere."
Is there a possibility that those involved are talking past one another? Does DC really ignore the consequences of sexual sin on a woman's character, her ability to bond, and so on? One may be able to look past one or two "indiscretions" but how many mistakes are too many, and reflect upon her true character?

Blanket condemnations of the manosphere are rather useless. It would be better to respond to the concerns expressed there than to play the amateur therapist. So long as the manosphere helps men understand the reality in which they find themselves, I think it should continue. But it does have a limited usefuleness.

Update: Mr. Darwin Responds

Diet and Health:
Balanced Bites: Useful Guides
11 Natural Ways to Heal and Prevent Heartburn

What Eating Too Much Sugar Does to Your Brain

60 Minutes: Is Sugar Toxic?

Wait a Minute, Lustig. The Threat of Fructophobia. And the Opportunity.

Jerry Douglas Dobro solo - Little Rock, AR

Katie Melua - Better Than a Dream @ Kvelden er din (31.03.12)

Stars and Stripes: MMA Issue

April Verch live-streaming concert on April 27 - $3. Details.

Lubbockites step back in time for English country dance

5.11's April Fools gag:

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