Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Items of Interest, 4 April 2012

Mark Signorelli, A Burke for our Times, Part 3

Thomas Fleming, The Nerve of the Turks

Chris Hedges Challenges NDAA in Court

A Conversation with Wendell Berry

Peter Hitchens, Do this in Remembrance

Florida's Self-Defense Laws (contrast with the combox ford Dreher's post)
Patrick J. Buchanan, A Nation Arms Itself — For What?

James Antle, Obama's Preemptive Strike on the Supreme Court

Judge Napolitano Blasts Back at Obama Predicting of the Uphold of ObamaCare Says “He Know This is Our System”

The Supreme Court and Obamacare

Paul Gottfried, Obama Mobilizes His Leftist Base

Jim Bovard, 95th Anniversary of Horrendous American Wrong Turn: World War One

Subsidiarity and Libertarian “Small Government” by James Baresal

Chinese women are killing themselves at astronomical rates: is the one-child policy to blame?

Putin’s Philosophy by Paul Robinson

Interview with Jack Donovan (mp3)

Gene Logsdon, Nature's Promises Kept Again

Economics and Relocalization:
Commodification: the essence of our time by Colin Leys and Barbara Harriss-White

“The first question should always be “how are we going to work together?” rather than “what are we going to do?” by Rob Hopkins

Can There Be “Good” Corporations?
Collaboration is Key to Small Business Success

A new film from REconomy: The Totnes Local Entrepreneurs Forum

Back to the Land

Permaculture thinking on the farm: going beyond tradition by Rebecca Hosking

Energy and Sustainability:
Dealing with energy shock in Japan (mp3
Timeline: How We Learned to Love—and Hate—Natural Gas
Does the U.S. really have more oil than Saudi Arabia?
Tom Murphy, Heat those Feet!
Review of Lt. Col. Eggen’s thesis, Impact of the Peaking of World Oil Production on the Global Balance of Power by Rick Munroe
1970’s Study Predictions Are Still on Target for 2030’s Decline of Humanity
Expanding our moral universe by Joy Merwin Monteiro (EB)
True sustainability solutions by Gail Tverberg (EB)
Peak oil denial: How does this help? by Rich Turcotte (EB)

Diet and Health:
The LLVLC Show (Episode 564): Stefani ‘Paleo Pepper’ Ruper Brings A Refreshing Irreverence To The Paleo Community (mp3)

Ask The Low-Carb Experts (Episode 11): ‘Saturated Fat Is Good For You?’ | Dr. Jeff Volek (mp3)

How giving up sugar can take 20 years off your looks

MDA: Is Eating Meat Ethical?

Red meat has many benefits for athletes, magazine says

Robb Wolf, MovNat & Erwan LeCorre – Episode 126 (mp3)

First Chrism Mass of UK Ordinariate at St. James, Spanish Place (more photos)
Christendom: Va. Attorney General Cuccinelli Exhorts Students to Get Involved (lecture at itunes)
Contemporary Byzantine Icons Exhibition to be Presented in Trieste

Foundation of the Renaissance: The Civic Culture of Early Italian Humanism

Sex and the modern girl: Are we witnessing a new age of female sexual assertiveness?
I dated 50 men in six months (and STILL didn't find love)

Guys, 'Girls,' online porn and the younger generation

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Dalrock Responds to Darwin Catholic: What, Me Worry?

The Corruption of Christianity

Steve Sailer, Mortal Combat From a Feminine Perspective

Scruggs funeral audio available online - Eddie Stubbs’ On-Air Tribute to the late Earl Scruggs

Harmonia Time Capsule: 1618 by Laura Osterlund

Punch Brothers cover The Cars

Punch Brothers cover The Cars

Jef Costello, Breaking Bad: A Celebration

More weirdness from the master of weirdness?
David Lynch - "Crazy Clown Time" (Official Video)

5.11 Tactical Paragon Softshell Jacket

NRA American Warrior #7

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