Friday, June 15, 2012


Oz Conservative: Feminist wants to teach girls how to choose the right husband

Dalrock: What HUSies want.

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I didn't want to go into a full explanation of the situation, and so the advise may be based on premises that don't match the situation, but it's good enough. Onenitis, "I can't quit you," is just stupid. I had been postponing committing to a course of action, but it's about time. People need to deal with the consequences of their actions and beliefs, even if they deny their own part in bringing their misery about. True believers will remain hardened in their belief when they place their idolatry above God.

"May you learn that karma is a bigger b*tch than you are."

When men say that women killed the nice guy in them I believe it.

Even if we think that alpha players are immoral, that does not mean that they cannot at the same time be acting as a scourge.

I will do what I can for the next generation related by blood. The rest of Uhmerican "society" (again, more like an aggregate than a society) can fend for themselves when full-blown collapse hits.

Rooshv: Why Feminism in America Will Die

We Are the Enemy
How Feminism Destroyed the Forest Service
Why I'm Not a Feminist (still too egalitarian - if duties or roles are different, then treatment under law should be unequal)

From ‘Happily Ever After’ to the Fall by Tom Bethell

The Bride Who Was Groomed for a Career
A good start but when will Catholic women confront hypergamy and shrewish behavior, especially with the emasculation of husbands? (Yeah, it's the men's fault because they weren't alpha enough, right?)

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