Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Where are the right communitarians?

The Age of Consequences by Guy McPherson

Communities grow organically; but what of natural affections and identities?

Governance: Closed and Proprietary, or Open and Bottom-Up? by David Bollier (Bollier comments on "The Commons and World governance. Towards a global social contract" by Blin and Marin)

If the nation-state is waning (this is questionable) does this mean that a global authority needs to step in? Or does it point the direction toward further devolution of authority?

Preface to Sharing for Survival (a new book from Feasta) by Brian Davey (EB)

Other than Lind and Weyrich's Next Conservatism series, I can't think of any writers "on the right" who are articulating a constructive vision of what is to be done. Appealing to states' rights and the Constitution is not enough, if one does not indicate how community and power are to be built up and protected at the "local level." (Or more accurately, at a more human scale.)

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