Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Went to Ike's Lair (Cupertino) today with ah Fai and KK. Didn't think the sandwich was really worth the price; KK said she would actually prefer Togo's. She's a simple kind of girl. The sandwiches are hot; that might separate Ike's from Erik's Or Pebbles. (I've never been to Pebbles, and the last time I was at an Erik's was maybe 3 years ago.) I tried gluten-free bread today. It was interesting, reminded me of Eastern holy bread in some respects. Ike's seems to be a popular place for the techies working in the area. Saw some Apple employees there today. (*insert snark about tech geeks*)

Ike's offers halal chicken and roast beef & steak. No pig meat. Preference of the founder/owner?

I saw a few attractive Asian women today as well - some were in their 20s, another probably in her 30s. Where are they on the weekends? Doubt I would marry an Asian engineer, even if they are more "feminine" than the average Uhmerican. I doubt the great "leveller" is going to happen before I get old, though. Things may be better by the time my nephews grow up, if they are looking for a more traditional-minded woman to marry.

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