Thursday, June 14, 2012

Too much of a good thing?

The Father's Day Festival in Grass Valley started today and will go on until Sunday. It was preceded or is accompanied, I believe, by workshops. It features a lot of bluegrass music and some old time music acts as well.

Without cheap energy would it be possible to have a festival lasting for so many days drawing people from all over California? And is that too much good music for one setting? A surfeit of audio pleasure may seem like a blessing, but does an excess of leisure becomes sloth? Or another instance of consumption rather than enjoyment - we can't space out our enjoyment of live music within a communal setting and a normal temporal cycle and so we have to take in as much as we can at these special events. We listen with other fans, individuals and their families, rather than with our neighbors and extended kin. (Though those who live in and near Grass Valley who are in attendance may be blessed by the company of those near to them.)

Still, if I had money and a family, I might go there for a short vacation. Beats Disneyland.

California Bluegrass Association
See also the Northern California Bluegrass Society.

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