Sunday, September 09, 2012

Another Sunday in San Francisco

I haven't written up last weekend's experiences yet. I decided to go to OLF instead of the cathedral as there wasn't time to make it to the 9:00 Mass at the cathedral. (While I wouldn't mind listening to the Schola SF again, the rest of the liturgy is... lacking.)

Next door at St. Monica, the SFFD had some sort of special Mass/celebration? (There were a few womyn bureaucrats (those promoted to higher ranks) present. Are the men of the upper ranks as out of shape too? You see quite a few fat LEOs around here, as well. Why bother with the uniform?) During the divine liturgy, we could hear the bagpipes being played outside.

Fr. Kevin was the presbyter celebrating liturgy today - he reminds me of someone... a mix between Fr. McNellis at BC and the nephew's godfather, Mr. P.

For lunch, I tried the Pearl's Deluxe Burger on Post - a deluxe burger with cheese and bacon, small fries, and strawberry shake. The shake was made using a frozen mix and strawberry syrup, but it wasn't bad. It was thick like I prefer it, though it did taste rather fake. I ordered the burger medium, but it was well-done; a tad dry, and not that tasty. The fries were cooked with batter(?), so they came out looking and tasting a bit like tater tots, as well as onion rings. (Maybe the frying oil needs to be changed.) About $15 for the meal, cheaper than ROAM (I had tried the new location on Fillmore last week), but the difference in quality is palatable. The burger patty isn't much different from what you might get at Bongo Burger, Crepevine, or Bob's Giant Burgers.

Maybe I should give up burgers, since ground beef is rather limited in its potential.

Next restaurant to try: Gott's or Burger Meister.

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