Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Social Engineering? Or Wise Central Planning?

The California Department of Housing and Community Development and ABAG is imposing "affordable" housing quotas on cities, threatening to withdraw funds for road maintenance if municipalities do not comply. (HCD's NIMBY resources.)

Pleasanton from July: Council approves draft rezoning plan for 105 acres of new 'affordable' housing

Citizens Alliance for Property Rights: SF Bay CAPR - Housing

Can they favor housing applicants (especially senior citizens) who have natural ties to the community? That would be preferable, but it's would probably be deemed illegal somehow. There is admittedly a sifting of the population according to class and income (and race), but why shouldn't people associate with their own kind as they choose? Because Big Brother knows better about interracial harmony and a happy society. Hello ethnic cleansing and white flight.

That which is too big cannot be managed (or ordered) well.

As for environmental concerns - if they want sustainable development they should reconsider their economic model, which is probably predicated upon infinite growth. There are too many people in California, living in areas that are too densely populated. Sustainability is closer to an agrarian model, but we aren't willing to give up our electronic technology industries, even if [cheap] energy scarcity stares us in the face.

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