Friday, September 14, 2012

Why would you kick a ginger?

Especially when she's as pretty as Jessica Chastain. Redheads...

Hollywood ingenue Jessica Chastain in Studio Q

She's in Lawless. Having read Roger Ebert's review of the movie, I was expecting more bloodshed. Consequently, I wasn't expecting the ending, which was rather "happy." While it is not a Western, it reminds me of one, much as Hatfields and McCoys did. How authentic are the accents? Shia LaBeouf is cast well as the "runt of the family." Meanwhile his brothers are played by foreigners (Tom Hardy and Jason Clarke), as well as Charley Rakes (Guy Pearce). (More reflection on the sad state of American males in Hollywood?)

Jack Donovan should watch and review the movie. Is the movie too graphic in its depiction of violence and its consequences? Could it have the same impact if it had been done in accord with the standards of the '40s and '50s? I did like the look of the '30s, the clothing and such. And the movie does touch upon being a man and living up to what one's family (that is, one's brothers, the other men in the family) expects of him. Does the movie develop this movie well enough? This perhaps could have been handled better. And what was the anabaptist(?) sect in the movie?

There isn't much of a discussion of the morality of Prohibition and the making of moonshine. Even though the 18th Amendment was ratified, was it a just law?

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Tom Hardy's voice remains much the same as in The Dark Knight Rises; it's no longer the young voice you hear in Star Trek Nemesis. Are the rumors of steroid use true, and can that have an impact on one's voice?

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