Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Women can be on subs too! I saw it on TV!

Premiere episode of Last Resort is online. In the first five minutes there is a nod to sensitivity training and sexual harassment, as there are female crew members on this submarine, including the lieutenant on the bridge. As the crew disobeys orders, I do not think that this show gets support from the U.S. Navy (and free use of equipment and stock footage). Petty bickering between the males (reminiscent of Crimson Tide), tough, smart-mouthy women (Aliens and a host of other movies and shows since then). What is Andre Braugher doing on this show? He's probably the only good thing about it. He should do another Homicide movie. (Oh, and there's Robert Patrick playing another character with a military background, this time the COB. Good to see him working.)

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