Friday, September 21, 2012

An Interesting Interview with Vox

Greenberg Interview Sep 2012

VD: My concern is that because of...40 years ago or so even 30 years ago, America was kind of two different countries. You had the South and you had everywhere else.

BG: Right.

VD: No doubt that there are still...I'm sure there's still plenty of people across the South who are just patiently waiting for Round Two. But, now there's more like five or six distinct nations, not necessarily blood-nations, but very distinct groups that, in times of severe economic stress, are not likely to stick together but are likely to stick together against everyone else. You've got the Hispanic population, you've got the black population, you've got the Muslim population, you've got the South, you've got the sort of mid-west/middle class sort of thing and then you've got the coasts. Its not too hard to imagine all of those different groups separating and basically wanting to go their own way and attempt to fix the challenges...attempt to fix the problems and meet the challenges by themselves in their own way rather than as one giant 310 million strong country.

BG: So in essence you see the nation breaking apart?

VD: Yeah, all empires break apart.

BG: Right.

VD: And the more diversity that you have the faster you're going to break apart and the more severe the stresses are. And so the whole melting pot concept has always been complete garbage. It was a romantic idea of a British Jew who came to Britain from Russia. It had nothing to do with anything relating to the American experience whatsoever. And we've seen time and time again we've seen...look what we're seeing in Europe right now, the whole European Union thing was supposed to be an idea to create a European people, but I can tell you that is simply not happening in any way.

BG: That was just a wet dream of political...the politicians and the academics.

VD: Of course, but what I'm saying is that we're actually seeing much stronger...we're seeing the rise of national interest in places it hasn't been for centuries. I mean, Scotland is on the verge of demanding independence.

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