Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Good Man for the USCCB

But is one man enough to tackle the following? The USCCB'S Department for Justice, Peace, and Human Development and Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

Jonathan Reyes, the Bishops’ New Man in D.C.
Denver Catholic Charities, Social Ministries Director Named Head Of USCCB Justice, Peace, Human Development Department
Pro-life leaders laud new head of U.S. bishops’ peace and justice department
America Magazine

"National" Catholic programs administered by the USCCB, just like the program he founded, Christ in the City. (An alternative to the Jesuit Volunteer Corps?)

The bishops may be trying to clean house, which thethe CCHD especially needs, but should they reconsider their approach? It could be argued that one office to cover all these United States is necessary so long as there are factors and agents that affect them all and cannot be effectively addressed through state legislation alone. But an unwieldy bureaucracy cannot replace the needed renewal of the local Catholic churches and their parish communities, which would be better able to perform corporal works of mercy in accordance with the order of charity while evangelizing at the same time. (Moreover, the local Churches need to respect the local culture [and peoples], rather than attempting to replace it with some "natural law" vision of what it should be.)

How can one trust someone who is paid to be "nice"? Is he truly kind or is he merely acting in order to get the paycheck?

Rather than ameliorating problems, such programs, if they are misguided in their principles, may make them worse, reinforcing erroneous beliefs about political communities (especially the question of scale).

On John Carr, Dr. Reyes's predecessor: Ending the USCCB’s Path to Progressive Politics?

Some recent news for the Augustine Institute, which Dr. Reyes helped found.

Augustine Institute Opens New Campus
Augustine Institute Expands Evangelization Effort with New Campus
Bishop Aquila Finds an Ally for Changing the Order of the Sacraments

Whatever else he may think or say, Archbishop Samuel Aquila's writing on restoring reception of the sacrament of confirmation as the second sacrament to be received by the newly initiated deserves a wider audience.

Bishop Aquila receives Pope's praise for reordering sacraments

From 2007, The New, Lay Face of Missionaries

'We have no king but Caesar:' Some thoughts on Catholic faith and public life
By Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M., Cap. *

Fr. Rutler, Christ in the City


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