Monday, October 29, 2012

Not Finished Yet.

Will I stay with CM? Even now I feel like bailing if it were at all possible, though it's more because of the behavior of the students and the excessive amount of "management" they require. If they don't take CM seriously, then they should just sit outside the classroom instead of being disruptive, but I haven't taken that rather extreme measure yet. I could call their parents, but what is preventing the spark of charity from catching on fire? A poor children's liturgy? Poor lifestyle habits at home and within the family?

Why bring feminism up with the other teachers or with the community when the ecclesial establishment stays silent or worse, accepts it? Someone might complain and report me for sexism. I suppose if the priest were sympathetic to the concerns then something might be accomplished, but if someone complains against him to the bishop or the chancery, what is the likely outcome? Until the Church rejects this culture it will continue to lose members and be irrelevant as a sign and vehicle of salvation.

A student (the same girl, in fact) asked if it is ok for Catholics to participate in Halloween/Trick-or-Treat. Since none of their priests had spoken against it, I told them that it was up to the decision of the parents, though I added that they should not be a source of scandal to others, nor should they celebrate or glorify death, or the ugly, the macabre, or the horrific. Those who dress up as zombies or corpses and the like do not do so in the spirit of those celebrating the Day of the Dead - remembering one's ancestors. Rather, they are having fun grossing people out and playing on exaggerated fears of death and the like. It doesn't seem psychologically healthy. So how many Catholics will be dressing up their children as saints?

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