Sunday, October 28, 2012

Should I Watch This?

Does he contradict St. Paul or St. Augustine?

Fr. Z: Archbp. Chaput: “We are Catholics before we are Americans”

One of the comments at Fr. Z's:
Maybe you don’t have an American identity but I do. I’m descended from colonists that fought the Revolutionary War on both sides of my family. This may be trivial to you, but not to many of the oldest American families. That said, it’s not the same thing now to say you’re American that it was just a few short years ago. The condition of the country is disgraceful. The country lies face down in the gutter. It’s very painful to watch.

It’s also very painful to have to make a choice between being Catholic and being American. It’s not like we will run off to some other country though. Patriots stand their ground and do the right thing. A person can be both Catholic and American and that must always be the case. Otherwise America no longer exists, and this is just real estate.

Catholics should not be "partisan," ignorant members of one party or the other, but they should have a group identity, starting with the local. The "national" identity is the weakest and it is also founded upon a misunderstanding of the federal union. Will there be parties at the local level, if we had a more "decentralized" situation? Probably, but they should be more accountable to the members of the community?

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