Monday, October 29, 2012

The Problem with Belief

Whether it is true or false, is that it influences the exercise of conscience and moral judgment. An example: this position of health educator.

Looking at the activities employed for nutrition education, one sees an emphasis on "calories in, calories out" and the acceptance of current Fed. Gov't. recommendations: fruit, wheat products. No explicit mention of fats and protein (and how little they should be consumed because of heart disease, obesity, etc.) but for a program that is funded by the state, one should expect that it follows both the state and federal guidelines on nutrition.

If I were not inclined to think that the low-carb/paleo movement is right about healthy diets, I could easily apply for such a job. But because I do, my scruples about miseducating children come into play. I suppose I could get confirmation of my suspicions if I am asked to be interviewed, but why compound frustration and disappointment?

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