Saturday, January 09, 2016

Rob Hopkins on ST: TFA

From his blog:

And the plot is just ridiculous. Rey, a young woman who grew up on a planet that's basically a big desert with a market on it, finds that in spite of having no training at all, she's an incredible Jedi who has mastered The Force (thereby making a mockery of the Jedi training schools in previous films and rendering Yoda redundant at stroke).

She randomly finds the old Millennium Falcon spaceship from the first film, which no-one has flown for many years, but is able to not just fix it up single-handed but then fly it incredibly skillfully. She doesn't have an operating manual or a YouTube 'how to' video. Indeed, it doesn't even look like she's got the key, but somehow it starts first time. Even my car doesn't do that.

Poorly-written fan fiction.

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