Saturday, January 09, 2016

"A Call to Battle"

(via Fr. Z)

Into the Breach

I can see why they would use military music; the ascetic struggle is called spiritual warfare and being a soldier for Christ and so on, but the actual use of such music may be misleading and even patronizing.

Whatever Happened to Manhood? by Louis Markos -- a review of Whatever Happened to Manhood? A Return to Biblical Manhood, by Wayne Braudrick (Lampion Press: 2015)

Alas, the reviewer praises the CBMW and the makers of Fireproof. He should read Dalrock. The video has its pulse on the problem but there are some problematic elements in it (notably those that pertain to the standard "social conservative" view of things that puts the blame of pornography use solely on men). Do men need to be in Christ and purify themselves from sin accordingly? Yes. But what else is there to being a man? While there is properly a focus on the family, what about his obligations to the community? Not mentioned in the video. Then there's the theology of "work" that is similar to that of Opus Dei. To love and to sacrifice -- what are the problems with which American men are confronted? The video does talk about male friendship, at least...

Jack Donovan, "The Tribal Mind" - Axis

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