Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Msgr. Lopes is a hometown boy, from Fremont and originally from the archdiocese of San Francisco; in all likelihood a Californian neo-Yankee, now bishop of the Anglican Ordinariate. Would Italians welcome a German as their bishop, if he was not one of them in culture and identity? Why should it be any different for the Anglican Ordinariate. Unfortunately, it is likely that most members of the Anglican Ordinariate adhere to political correctness and play down any ethnic component of their identity.

How traditional are the processionals? Too triumphalistic and secular in sound... inappropriate use of horns/brass. And get rid of the organ. Does there need to be a reform of the processional rite/entrance hymn [introit] in the Roman rite and the Anglican Ordinariate rite?

Edit. And his singing ability? How's he qualified to become the bishop of former Anglicans? (half-joking)

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