Saturday, August 06, 2016

A comment at VD:

Speaking with millennials as a millennial, there is a little dance you do in conversations, raising an issue and then seeing how they react. As someone above pointed out, there's no middle ground (except the apathetics who are mostly busy trying to catch pokemon now), so either you get wide-eyed horror/uneasy contempt when they discover you're "one of those (un)people," or else cautious but direct eye contact as the other person wonders if maybe, just maybe, you're sane too, and an ally.
There's an alliance of the sane building underneath all the progressive hysteria, but millennials have never been taught to lead, nor seen much good leadership in their life. The young Alt-Right at present is coalescing around those willing to take the societal condemnation most millennials (sane or not) don't dare face. There's a nascent social revolution brewing, but it lacks critical mass and the willingness to "go there" and face the shrieking condemnation of society. Living or dying based on the approval of their peers and wider peerdom of society is a weakness of millennials, but one that older generations can help them grow out of.

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