Monday, August 01, 2016

Another Bad Experience With Teaching Nuns

actually sisters, not nuns.

Jim Goad:

I spent 12 years in Catholic school being scolded by nuns. I was reminded of this while watching Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech at the DNC last week. I was reminded of Sister Brigid Mary, who in fifth grade kept a closet full of yardsticks she’d broken over the posteriors of misbehaving boys—it was always the boys, never the girls. I was reminded of the nun in first grade who confined me for hours to the dark basement of her convent for misbehaving in class. I was reminded of the female lay teacher who told me I’d burn in hell for jokingly singing “Happy Birthday” out loud when she told the class that Jesus was born on Christmas. I was reminded of another female teacher, a real bulldozing rhino that one, who liked to yank me by the hair and drag me out of class for indiscretions real and imagined.

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Fifth grade? Should boys be removed from female authority at that age?

Did women's teaching orders have a net positive or negative impact on Catholic men in the United States?

Can women, having renounced marriage, who have no substantial experience with men be adequate in raising and educating boys?

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