Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Because Feminism.

How else to explain the gender parity?

"Experts" in history or theology maybe, but holiness? Why is such a show of "equality" even necessary? Why not just have a commission that is 100% women? After all, they wouldn't be biased in their findings, would they?

Deaconesses could be restored in the Roman rite, but for what purpose? With respect to ecumenism, such a commission would not have the competence to make a judgment about whether deaconesses constituted an ordained ministry or not. And would such a restoration be beneficial to all of the Roman Patriarchate, or would it only confuse things even more in the industrialized West?

The Patriarchate of Rome would do better to restore some order to relations between men and women first. (The day jobs of the female members of the commission would be examples of this order being violated.)

Who’s on the Vatican Commission to Study Women Deacons

NLM: Pope Appoints Commission to Study Matter Exhaustively Studied by Earlier Papal Commission by Gregory DiPippo

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