Saturday, April 20, 2019

"I Feel"

As men have become subjugated to a female-centered social order, they have adopted female speech patterns and diction, with one example being the replacement of "I think" with "I feel." This is true even in academic discourse or discussion, though with the increasing number of women displacing men, I should say "especially true." This underscores the old stereotype of women being emotional, but it needs to be explicated through modern psychology -- RT talks about female behavior, Instinct-Emotion-Reason.

With respect to speculative matters, judgement of particulars is perhaps not so influenced by emotion, but there could be associations that nonetheless have an effect on judgment. But with respect to practical matters? Emotion can easily prevent right judgment from being developed. Perceiving or judging whether someone is a good or evil? Easily affected by emotion, and if one by nature perceives the world through emotion first, then it is necessary to have some sort of external check on this.

Similarly, with respect to general statements, a woman can take a negative general statement (such as generalizations about female [behavioral] psychology) and think that it applies to her as well, or that it is an implicit criticism of her. (NAWALT) And there is also the phenomenon of female outrage, which may be driven by a separate need but is nonetheless linked to this. Third, there is the need to protect one's self-image from anything that might affect it. We hear about low self-esteem among women, but is that really due to social pressure? Or is it linked to a desire for some good, and perceiving defects in herself that would impede her from attaining that good?

Does emotion contribute to practical reason? Of course it does. But is it the sole determinant? No. Perception of moral reality is dependent upon virtue to govern the emotions. But male virtue is different from female virtue because male psychology is different from female psychology. Hence the talk of developing a female-centered ethics by women is pointless, because most women need an external check on their emotion and to order it properly.

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