Monday, June 26, 2006

Monday Randomness

Someone suggested I go to Brazil--apparently there are a lot of Japanese in Brazil, and he claims they are Catholic. Not sure if they are mostly Okinawan or not. Supposedly Nakama Yukie is Okinawan; so is Uehara Takako. Actually he thought it might be a good idea to create an Asian country in South America, either of Okinawans or of Chinese. I wonder how S. Americans would react to that... haha

According to Range, Okinawans have distinct family names; they include
Arakaki, Fukunaga, Uehara, Gushiken, Amuro and anything ending in shiro. (Hrm, I should look for the kanji for those names.) I liked the traditional peasant outfits--maybe it's only because Nakama Yukie looks good in one.

Apparently Chinese people in S. America assimilate into the native populations, but the Japanese tend to stay separate. Is this related to socio-economic differences? What are Japanese Brazilians like? Would I have to learn Portuguese? Are they devout Catholics?

Chan Shun Fun's most recent product at YesAsia isn't the one I was thinking off--it seems to be just a calendar or something of the sort. The book I am thinking about was released last year--when I was in Hong Kong I saw posters advertising it. Perhaps the book is by another illustrator. Her collaborator, Pin Fan? Not sure... maybe I won't see the book again until I return to Hong Kong, whenever that is. It had a bunch of drawings of females (not of any males, unless they were pictured with the females, as a couple?) in Qing costumes... maybe some Chinese clothes from the early 20th century as well (qi pao and such).

Korean soccer fans are already looking forward to 2010.

The flames of nationalism still burn... nation-states will be around for a little bit longer. There are plenty of vocal nationalists at various forums... is the nationalist mindset different from the imperialist mindset? The imperial mindset at least does not have an inferiority complex to go with it usually, if only because of the political dominance of the empire (usually accompanied by material dominance, though not necessarily true cultural superiority).

AIM crashed on me a little while ago--so I'm recalling and reflecting on the convos--odd that people from Soompi are turning up in my dreams--I have to fill in a lot of the details, like voice, but I know about whom I am dreaming... I don't think I've seen Range's face, so I made one up, and as for the other one... I got it right part of the time, but at other times I mixed it up with faces of other people, which tends to happen in my dreams... well he guessed correctly who it was, if not about the content of the dream (haam sap loh!). Appearing in two separate dreams in one nap... how odd. But like I told him, she's 'just a dream' and having a dream seems quite appropriate. I dreamt that this person moved into my parents' house, and in the second dream she was still living there with them.

On second thought, a third Soompier was in one of my dreams, Guava... what was her old sn... Guavajavalava? This was last night or the night before. Today was her first day of work in the office. I wonder how it went. Her bf popped up in the dream, but I was way off on his appearance, I think. Too much time spent on Soompi. (Ok, I got the name right, my memory not kaput yet.)

As for the number of real friends I will have once I leave the Soompi experience... I'm not sure. 2? 3? 4? I haven't heard from Kim Haneul fan for a while.

If my schedule permits it and if people are around to be visited, I may go to New York City this weekend or the weekend after... now if I could only get in contact with everyone in the area... I suppose I may have to resort to using the phone. I'm not sure when I'll get a chance to go to SoCal; but if I go, I'll definitely be checking out Ktown, the boba places and the bars, like Bohemian, if only to see if that 30 yo Korean bartender is still there, the one Watcher thinks is pretty. (I can see if she really knows Cantonese!) Maybe I'll go to hostess club, what was the nickname for it, room salon [*edited*]? I'll have to ask Watcher. Haha yeah right... I'm too poor for that. (According to Range, one can do 'anything' in the shady ones... what a world.)

Tonight on Hell's Kitchen, Chef Ramsey goes nuts--Virginia shouldn't have been picked for elimination, at least not now, but I don't think she has management potential. But that Sara, she's a bit too devious and a liar. Like the first season's winner, Michael? Perhaps. I think the remaining people on Red team are incompetent, especially Rachel and Maribel. Heather got moved to the Blue team, I think she has a good chance of making it to the finals--she can give directions at least. Mary Ann, the sous-chef, was rather witchy in tonight's episode--she overhears someone calling her a b---- (I think she was the object of the insult), and decides to throw some cake on the floor so they have to stay longer to finish cleaning. She has a rather mannish voice... has she been de-feminized?

I can't believe they let the kids run loose like that, but I suppose they thought they were letting the kids have fun. Where did these K'ers come from, and were the talents of the wannabe chefs wasted? Hamburgers, pizza, fries... I must admit I wouldn't mind trying their pizzas. Someone was rolling out square pizza though. (Rachel!)

I won't say much about that POS show How to Get the Guy on ABC, other than that it is POS.

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