Saturday, December 02, 2006

Catholic ladies

After the banquet tonight, I asked a friend who had been at BC to get his MA in philosophy, MK, to check with Joseph Pearce to see if he was interested in going to get a drink. (Because it is Joseph Pearce, an Englishman and Tolkien afficienado--if anyone is going to live like a hobbit, it's Joseph Pearce.) Apparently he already had plans to go to the ND bar/restaurant, Legends. On my way out I was able to say my farewells to Dr. Lyon (I wish I could have talked to him more), Matthew Levering (definitely wished I could have talked to him more, and that my parting wasn't as clumsy), and Christopher Malloy. Aiya, I should have gotten a picture with Dr. Levering. Ah well, maybe my sister can get a picture of him. Dr. Levering is a rather shy, humble guy--he's a very good theologian, with a deep faith. A good younger role model for aspiring Catholic intellectals. I didn't get a chance to get a photo with Dr. McInerny this time around; he taught his last class this week. Another humble, quiet Catholic intellectual, a giant of his generation in many respects.

Anyways... to the original reason behind this post. At Legends tonight, besides Joseph Pearce there were several older Catholic women who were very attractive. [I was originally going to write a description with vocabulary more in tune with the first and more primitive response (nothing scandalous, just the typical vocab that is used today), but I decided against it--women like them deserve much better.] One was a convert from Evangelical Christianity to Catholicism; not sure what her profession is, besides being a mother. She told us of her suburban housing tract, which is evidently very much like Wisteria Lane from Desperate Housewives. Lots of shallow women there who get plastic surgeries and dress like teenagers, going out in rather whorish outfits and getting drunk, fretting and competing over rather trivial things. Meanwhile this faithful woman has a statue of the Blessed Mother on her lawn in front of the house, and feels so out of place. She learned rather recently that this "community" has a reputation for swinging, and she was shocked.

Serious about her faith, very interested in engaging this society and spreading the Gospel, and she and her friend were even talking about prayer! Haven't really witnessed anything like that since I was at Christendom. Can you imagine that--Catholic women talking about prayer! I found her to be quite feminine and even though she was older, I foud her to be very attractive physically (as I said before)--she was not all glammed up, I don't think she wore very much makeup at all... but wow. Maybe it is a gift, but maybe inner beauty does have an impact on outer beauty? Where do you find a woman like that? [Yeah, whoever is thinking it right now, better not say, "Ave Maria Singles."] Her husband is very lucky... a woman a serious Catholic guy would be willing to die for, I think... Her friend (blonde) was pretty too, but she wasn't really involved in our conversation, though she does seem to know Sarah Byers.

"He's got marriage on his mind."
Yeah, so what?

I also got a chance to met one of KK's friends, J. He and his wife H were there, with their baby daughter Olydia. Very nice Catholic couple, and their daughter was really cute. He graduated from ND with a degree in English and is teaching there now, on a fellowship. He is on the job market, and is interested great books programs...

[I must admit that I still react with surprise when I see mothers breastfeed in public without covering up with a towel or something. Yeah, yeah, I grew up in America. Sue me.]

So, while I might say this and that about ND the institution (and the administration there), still there are a lot of good solid Catholic people studying, teaching, and associated with the university in one way or another. One can definitely find some sort of Catholic community there, despite what may be happening at the university. And there are plenty of students who are committed to fighting the good fight in order to maintain some sort of Catholic presence and witness at the university. If I go back to California... where am I going to find anything resembling this? It is true that there are a lot of good Catholic families at OLP, but... it seems unlikely that I will meet people with the same sort of background in education, so the intellectual discussions might be a bit lacking.

Novena prayer to St. Joseph

I wonder if there is a traditional prayer to St. Raphael for finding a good spouse.

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Ave Maria Singles, ha ha. But seriously, my brother met his fiancee on Lava Life, of all places. Other than that, I don't know what to tell you. Oh yes, don't stare at respectable married Catholic ladies.