Friday, February 01, 2008

Here's one for the cheerleaders

Too bad that in the case of those who swallow the party line [especially that of the Republican party or of so-called "conservative" pundits], "saving the cheerleader" will not save the world. Nonetheless, getting them to acknowledge the truth would be a good thing, but that may require a drastic conversion experience.

Economy Loses 17,000 Jobs in January
Recession Looms

Michael Shedlock: Jobs Contract as 2007 Job Growth Revised Away

Department of Labor

U.S. job losses in January raise recession fears
A separate report from the Commerce Department showed an unexpectedly steep 1.1 percent drop in construction spending in December, as home construction continued it steep fall. Sales, construction and prices of both new and previously owned homes are in sharp decline with no early end in sight.

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