Saturday, February 02, 2008

Marshall McLuhan

Crunchy Con: St. Marshall's warning
the Wired article: The Wisdom of Saint Marshall, the Holy Fool
Honoring Wired's Patron Saint

So is the electronic media more "dangerous" than the printed media? What would Plato say? Even if one cannot dialogue or interrogate a book, one can at least put it down and reflect upon what one has read before continuing. One might say that before the invention of recording devices, the electronic media required total attention--one can't stop and think, because one has to continue listening or one will miss something (possibly important). But how is this different from attending a lecture?
(Besides the lecture having a Q&A session afterwards.) The manipulation of images and sounds, to trigger certain responses and emotions? Something that goes beyond what a skilled orator is capable of?

Marshall McLuhan on the TODAY Show

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