Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Political Correctness on the Right by Thaddeus J. Kozinski

The political correctness ideology of which I speak, as I suggest, is not seen to be debatable whatsoever by its staunchest and most outspoken proponents, and not only this: it is assumed a priori to be in line with Christian orthodoxy; in fact, any view that contradicts its principles or application to political or economic reality is determined to be, a priori, heresy or proof of unbelief, and even immorality. For example, if one articulates a skeptical position with regard to the justice of the war in Iraq, one may be accused of approving of genocide and of hating one’s country. If one expresses skepticism about general truthfulness of government pronouncements and intentions with regard to war, one may be accused of a kind of modernist skepticism about truth in general.

One's version of American conservatism should not be identified with Christian orthodoxy. Dialogue with conservatives may be futile if they are unwilling to examine their own assumptions and received opinions, especially with respect to history and their understanding of the Constitution. Is there much point in trying to reach a mass audience over the Internet? Some paleos may have been more successful through personal contact and conversation.

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