Thursday, January 26, 2012

Items of Interest, 26 January 2012

Patrick Buchanan, Who Gave Us the Right to Remake the World?
Daniel Larison, Is It Possible to Reclaim American Exceptionalism From Its Distortions?
Vermont Commons: Obama's Failed State of the Union

Philip Gilradi, Avoiding a Dumb War with Iran

Hawaiian Libertarian: Finding Your Freedom
Is the book too Liberal, that is does it endorse autonomy as self-fulfillment? Still, even traditionalists need a wake-up call and realize that our understanding of social realities may be false, judging things to be more continuous with traditional societies than they really are. And men should aspire to some measure of excellence and mastery.

Fabius Maximus: The key to building an effective military that we can afford: bring back the militia!

Peak Oil and Energy:
Dmitry Orlov, Perfectly Comfortable

UN expert makes case for ecological farming practices to boost food production

Erika Block's Local Orbit

Shannon Hayes, Love Trumps Math

Dieet and Health:
Fried food heart risk a myth

Dawn Landes: Southern Accents

Dawn Landes - Southern Accents from Live & Breathing on Vimeo.

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