Monday, May 01, 2006

The Hills are Alive

with the Sound of Music, of course...

Evidently some people enjoy running down hills, and then rolling down them. What would the seminarians or priests over at St. John's think of they had witnessed what I saw this afternoon? The Lady Downstairs says she will do this again when her friends come to visit later this month. If I'm around I will take some pictures.

Remember--next Winter you should get a sled!

If the Lady wishes to respond with her reasons, she can do so in comments. It doesn't really matter, since it's innocent fun and it made her laugh.

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Lady Downstairs said...

So there I was at St. John's, on a beautiful sunny day, to buy J-P Torrell's "Thomas Aquinas: Spiritual Master" from their book store. On the way in two fellows--one in clerics, one not--said "Hi" to papabear and me. How friendly, I thought at the time.

After we concluded business at the bookstore, papabear paused to judge which exit would be best. Apparently we paused too long for the fellow in clerics, who was walking by. He said "Hi" to me (not pb, who was apparently invisible) again, and asked if he could help me. However, it was not in a helpful tone of voice. It was in the what-are-you-doing-here-you-don't-belong-don't-even-think-of-stealing-anything-or-seducing-anyone tone of voice. And given that St. John's is a SCHOOL, not just a residence for seminarians and priests, and has a bookstore that I had just given $24, and that I was not only wearing a long skirt but a long-sleeved sweater and a hat, I did not think his was an appropriate tone. I suspected he might be one of those woman-disliking priests (or seminarians) I hear so much about but so rarely meet.

He showed us to the door, and we obediently walked down the path through the grounds and up the hill to the street. And I thought about how silly it was for a priest/aging seminarian be so inhospitable to two young laypeople, and how silly for me to get mad at a stuffed-shirt priest/aging seminarian on such a beautiful day, and how much fun it would be to run down the hill in defiance of the unwritten rule that grown-ups should not run down hills just for the fun of it. And after I ran down the hill in defiance of false notions of grandeur, I thought about how much fun it would be to ROLL down the hill.

So I rolled down the hill. And I thought, what if everybody who got mad at a cleric/seminarian just immediately rolled down a seminary hill? That particular hill belongs to Boston College now anyway, so there's nothing overly dignified clerics/seminarians could do to stop you. And rolling down hills is much healthier and healing than complaining and holding grudges!