Monday, August 07, 2006

If I go on retreat...

As much as I love the Byzantine liturgy and Holy Transfiguration monastery, the next time I go on retreat I may do it at Clear Creek, if it is possible. At Holy Transfiguration you are pretty much on your own, though you do meet with Father Abbot Joseph who inquires on your progress. One is encouraged to get away from busy-ness in order to be open to God, but I wonder if this is too much to expect from a beginner. When I was there, I had a lot of energy and couldn't spend much time doing NOTHING. So I think the incorporation of honest work into the schedule would help beginners such as myself, and may even help show those of us still in the world how we can integrate prayer (and even the divine office) into our daily living and live spiritually. But that is my guess. Apparently retreatants at Clear Creek do some work, but I will check and confirm when the time comes.

The journal of someone who went on retreat at Clear Creek. He reports being there when many priests are celebrating their (individual) Masses. I had witnessesed such a thing before, at San Gregorio del Muratori (Via Leccosa 54), which is the home of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter in Rome. While I don't know the ins and outs of the theology of Mass intentions and stipends and such, I prefer the Eastern view of the common celebration of one liturgy (and of concelebration), which prevents abuses of concelebration, as it is explained by Fr. Robert Taft, S.J. Something about having multiple Masses simultaneously celebrated in close proximity just strikes me as wrong, if only for the practical question that one does not know where to focus one's attention if one is sitting in the middle of the church. Perhaps this is not a real concern; but how is one to understand the implications of Eucharistic worship? Low Mass is listed on the horarium at Clear Creek; is there a daily communal eucharistic liturgy? If there isn't... maybe I wouldn't go to Clear Creek.

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