Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Rasmussen: Paul does ok against Clinton and Obama

via Lew Rockwell blog

Mr. Rockwell writes: "But given Ron's much lower name ID--a factor which is changing for the better every day--this is fantastically good news."

POLL: Rasmussen Florida, Ron Paul

Two new Rasmussen Reports automated surveys find:

  • Among 457 likely Democratic primary voters in Florida, Sen. Hillary Clinton (at 46%) leads Sen. Barack Obama (15%) and former Sen. John Edwards (13%) in a statewide primary (conducted 7/18 through 7/19).
  • Among 490 likely Republican primary voters in Florida, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani edges out former Sen. Fred Thompson (22% to 21%) in a statewide primary; Sen. John McCain and former Gov. Mitt Romney both trail at 13% (conducted 7/18 through 7/19).
  • Among 1,461 likely voters nationwide, Clinton leads Rep. Ron Paul (49% to 34%) in a general election match-up; Obama leads Paul 50% to 30% (conducted 7/20 through 7/22).

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