Monday, July 23, 2007

Unhealthy dependency.

With respect to the economy. Via EB.

Life Without Goods Made in China a Challenge (Audio)
Renee Montagne , Morning Edition (NPR)
A Year Without "Made in China": One Family's True Life Adventure in the Global Economy chronicles how Sara Bongiorni and her family tried to live without buying anything produced in China.(18 July 2007)

Related essay by Sara Bongiorni at CSM: A year without 'Made in China'

Contributor Carl Etnier writes:The Bongiorni family, living in the US, didn't try to live only on locally manufactured products. After a long search for sneakers not made in China, they finally found a pair made in Italy, at five times what they would have paid for the Chinese-manufactured pair. Hearing how difficult some of their purchases were when they just tried to exclude this one far-away country from their buying really highlights how tied the US is to imports.

Developed world 'having second thoughts' about globalisation
Peter Ryan, ABC (Australia)

It's not about class envy, but conspicuous consumption:

Welcome to Richistan, USA
Paul Harris, The Observer The American Dream of riches for all is turning into a nightmare of inequality. But a backlash is brewing.(22 July 2007)
Also at Common Dreams.

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