Sunday, July 20, 2008

San Francisco...

I just returned from lunch in SF not too long ago. I went to Mass at the oratory this morning. No schola, and none of Sarge's potential esposas. Coincidence? Do they normally attend the 5:30 Mass? Or a different one? Or were they just absent from the 8:00 today? Well Sarge, maybe you can investigate for yourself; I'm not sure when I will be going there next.

KK and her husband may check out St. Cecilia in SF--she was rather disappointed with the homily at the 9:00 Mass at St. Dominic today, and was wondering what happened to the philosophical training the Dominicans were supposed to be receiving. We made a joke about how she could have gone to St. Ignatius if she wanted a homily of that quality. We've been to St. Cecilia once... a long time ago for a memorial Mass for Jose Maria Escriva. We figure there must be some people associated with Opus Dei at the parish. Or Opus Dei evenings of recollection and other activities are held there? Or maybe one or more of the parish priests are associated with the Priestly Society of the Holy Cross? Is there a residence for men in San Francisco somewhere? I think the retreat house for the area is in Marin, would that be Trumbull Manor? Who knows, maybe things have changed since then--we went more than 10 years ago... although according to this, a commemorative Mass for the founder's feast day was celebrated in 2005.

Chestnut Center (OD center for women in SF) -- according to the calendar, there are recollections at St. Cecilia... so...

The Peralta Studey Center is in Berkeley--I never met any students associated with Opus Dei while I was at Cal, though I did meet a grad student in history from Cal after I had graduated.

Well if they do go to St. Cecilia's they'll let me know what the quality of the liturgy is like over there...

I don't think I will be suggesting Emperor Palace again. That's where we had lunch with my mom, KK and PS. Did they change chefs? Or has the quality of the ingredients gone down? The meat doesn't taste fresh. If we are having in meal in San Francisco, we will have to go somewhere else. (North Beach? Yeah, right. KK is going to have to look for a new cheapie place.)

It is rather cool in San Francisco today. There was some of that fog down here in the South Bay, but it dissipated by early afternoon and the temperature warmed rather considerably.

St. Cecilia Church
2555 17th Ave
San Francisco, CA 94116
(415) 664-8481

I found some larger photos of the icon being displayed for World Youth Day 2008.

A pilgrim reaches out to touch the Icon of Our Lady at Sydney's Hyde Park, Wednesday, July 16, 2008, in Australia. Pilgrims from around the world have gathered in Sydney for World Youth Day.

The World Youth Day (WYD) cross (below) and Icon (top) are surrounded by hundreds of pilgrims at Circular Quay in Sydney after being taken off a ferry following its trip across Sydney Harbour on July 14, 2008. WYD is a celebration of the Catholic faith which draws young people from around the world and which this year will be held from July 15-20 in Sydney.

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