Saturday, July 26, 2008


Some monks, including one of the founder's original collaborators, have left Le Barroux to start their own monastery in Italy. NLM and Rorate Caeli have more information. Is it true that the abbot has plans to change things at the monastery?

Some traditionalists have complained that monastery uses the 1965 missal for the conventual Mass. (This is supposedly true of Fontgombault as well? But I have not read any 'official' confirmation or explanation of the practices at those monasteries.)

I had forgotten that the Benedictines have their own liturgy of the hours. How different is it from the Roman office, before the changes by St. Pius X?

Given the upheavals that have taken place with the introduction of the missal of Paul VI, it is not surprising that many would be wary of any major changes to the missal of John XXIII. I am sympathetic to the claim that monasteries could by their very nature be at the forefront of the organic development of the liturgy, since the liturgy is so integral to their way of life. But how to proceed with liturgical reform is a thorny question.

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