Friday, July 25, 2008

What the US Army should have adopted, according to some: Multicam

Read the wiki entry for Universal Camouflage Pattern, especially on the testing and what was eventually adopted--more evidence of the military industrial complex?

The Urban Track pattern, which received the poorest ratings from the Natick Soldier Center's testing, was modified and selected as the basis for the Army's Universal Camouflage Pattern.[9] The pattern was digitized and the color black was removed.[10] Although the Urban Track pattern fared poorly in Natick Soldier Center's tests, the pattern was changed following the testing, and its effectiveness compared to others in the competition is unknown. Soldiers have reported that while the pattern is effective in an urban or desert environment, it is less effective in others.[11][12] As the Army is currently involved in the Iraq war, the uniform may have been biased towards the current operating environment.[13][14]

If the United States becomes involved in a different theater, will we see a reversal, and a different pattern being adopted?

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