Monday, July 07, 2008

This was mentioned on Coast-to-Coast Am Radio tonight on Talk 560. The guest--Dr. Steven Greer is an emergency physician, not a physicist. So when he started talking about flying saucers that the US gov't had developed, anti-gravity, and so on...

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Dr. Steven Greer Interview
Reaching Disclosure: An Interview with Stephen Greer - UFO Evidence
UFOs: What the U.S. Government Really Knows; Dr. Steven M. Greer ...
global artist village news: RADIO INTERVIEW Dr. Steven Greer ...
Steven Greer Interview, page 1

I can't take it seriously.

Tonight I had dinner with xiao Jimmy and his girlfriend and the OD, at Thien Long (Tin Long), a Vietnamese restaurant near the Target on Capitol. They all commented that it resembled Tung Kee, but maybe more upscale. I had the sliced beef rice plate--it was quite good, even if the quantity was average. I guess I'm too mouch of an American. Clemens told my mother that there are a lot of good Vietnamese Catholics--it has been hard for him to find a good Chinese Catholic girl. He is supposed to get married to his Vietnamese girlfriend soon. (I don't know if my mother will be invited.) He also mentioned that Vietnamese immigrants tend not to be as well off as Chinese immigrants. He was trying to make another point, but I can't remember what it is at the moment. Jimmy's girlfriend claimed I was too picky, and Jimmy agreed. I protested, but I didn't want to explain my position, though they do know at least that I'm not looking for an airhead. There was an attractive Vietnamese woman at the restaurant, but she has a boyfriend... Jimmy remarked that she was wearing a lot of makeup (too much unnecessary rouge perhaps). The OD claimed my standards had fallen, whatever that means.

And then an older woman came in with some bling.

At any rate maybe I should spend more time in San Jose. Hah.

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John W. Ratcliff said...

Just FYI, Dr. Steven Greer is a kook plus a kook and a half.