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Macross Frontier, ep 17 and 18

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It's not clear to me why the Frontier fleet does not have quantum pulse rifles or w/e the Antares squadron is equipped with (see the picture above). I suppose that sort of information is not being shared; perhaps the fleet doesn't even have the resources to produce such rifles. (Can it make reaction warheads? So many have been expended in the last few episodes. Where does the fleet find the raw material?)

Macross Frontier - 18 | Random Curiosity

A shot of Battle 25 in the new opening sequence. Battle 7 was also a NMC battleship. Battle 25 looks better in the way that everything in Macross Frontier looks better than Macross 7 (though the Macross 7 OAVs did improve in quality), but I don't really care for the NMC design--I prefer the original SDF-1. It's too bad they couldn't design something that would be a cross between human and Supervision Army designs.

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Some of the reused footage is starting to get annoying--does it really cost that much to create 5 seconds of animation? Some more of Sheryl's story was revealed in episode 18; I am waiting to learn more of what has been going on in the Macross universe since Macross 7. The fact that resource depletion is such a concern for the fleet is a nice touch--but would the original SDF-1 and Macross city have survived if the creators had adhered to that sort of 'realism' back then?

Looks like sooner or later Alto will have a confrontation with his father and maybe his adolescent angst will be resolved. But I doubt he'll get his hair cut before the end of the series. (Though many fans would prefer it.)

If Ozma is aware of Brera's identity, how familiar was he with the family before the destruction of the 117th Research Fleet?

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