Tuesday, August 05, 2008

State gov'ts need to get out of education

Steve Sailer, "No Real Solution" -- Arnold Schwarzenegger's Algebra for Dummies

My new VDARE.com column expands on a long-term topic -- how political correctness about ignoring differences in intelligence winds up hurting the people it's nominally supposed to protect. I take a look at something I'd touched on a few weeks ago -- Gov. Schwarzenegger's new mandate that every single 8th grader in California's public schools must take algebra by 8th grade (95% new material, including some decent jokes).
More evidence of the governator's incompetence. Is anyone in the state legislature protesting this? If not, they're incompetent as well. One size-fits-all education doesn't work, because people do not receive the same intellectual gifts. But returning education to local control isn't enough--education that is meant to be practical needs a local political economy to which it can be ordered.

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