Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Hrm, Dr. Laura has been using the resume analogy a lot recently to describe the choices people make regarding relationships, and how it reflects on them. It does work, I think, to consider how one's actions reflect one's character, and how others would perceive them if they were to learn of them.

People mistake her 'tough talk' for meanness... but as the Philosopher pointed out, some people need that sort of 'brutal' honesty in order to wake up. But some remain in denial, no matter how the truth is presented.

Some guy gave the following excuses to get out of an engagement: "It's hard to commit, I have trust issues, I don't know if I want children, I like to be alone sometimes, I can't handle the drama..." Is there anything he left out? Dr. Laura did praise him though for realizing he couldn't handle marriage and putting an end to it.

From Boundless: It's My Fault
When we call sin what it really is, we can embrace truth, and life can spring again.

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