Thursday, July 19, 2012

ROAM Artisan Burgers

So on Sunday I visited SF, which undeniably has some good local places for food, unlike the South Bay, just so I could try ROAM with ah Fai. The beef is 100% grass-fed, but it didn't taste as different as I was expecting. I've read the complaints about grass-fed beef before, how it isn't as delicious as grain-fed beef. Maybe the tastiness has something to do with the fact that it's been ground? Ah Fai thought the burger was ok, but it's not something he would crave. (He craves the burgers at In n Out or Gott's instead.)

I wouldn't drive all the way to SF for burgers from ROAM; I'd probably go to the Counter at Santana Row if I wanted to pay for a fancy gourmet burger as it is much closer and I wouldn't have to drive as far. (The quality of the burgers at the Counter in Palo Alto probably isn't so different to make it worth the drive.) But if I lived in SF, I would go to ROAM regularly, as the gourmet burgers are relatively cheap in comparison to some of the other establishments there. I ordered the Heritage (double!) and we also shared the Fry-Fecta. I didn't care for the Zuchini Onion haystack, but the potato and sweet potato fries were good. I also got a small (regular?) strawberry shake - it wasn't too sweet but was very creamy. (Organic!) Of course I got a carb coma several hours later. Ah Fai tried the artisan soda (pear) and seemed to like it.

Still, next time I'm in SF I will probably try some of the other burger places.

During the drive to the city I had a nice convo with ah Fai about a certain restaurant that will be opening soon.


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