Friday, July 20, 2012

Leading to an Endorsement of Latin for the Roman Rite

Fr. Z: GUEST RANT: Many languages for Mass and fake “unity”

I would argue though that this is a political problem that the bishops are not addressing, i.e. the question of assimilation/integration. If immigrants were encouraged to properly assimilate and learn English, would it be necessary to "pay respect" to the diverse ethnicities of a a parish or diocese in such a manner during the sacred liturgy? It just shows that those who have control over the liturgy have bought into the bunk about diversity.

In the United States, people should know English, and while it may be right to retain Latin for some parts of the liturgy, a hieratic vernacular may be pastorally beneficial. The argument about travelling the world and being able to attend a Roman-rite liturgy in Latin is a rather weak one - that is possible only because of cheap energy and that age is passing.

Institutional inertia (bad habits) is an obstacle to the Holy Spirit. in the local Churches.

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