Thursday, March 11, 2010

Laura Wood on selecting a wife

Questions a man should ask when evaluating women:

1. Does she talk about herself obsessively?

2. Does she veer between exuberance and tears?

3. Does she believe in homosexual “marriage” (a tip off that she has no idea what marriage is)?

4. Does her father seem indifferent to what she does?

5. Does she have children?

6. Is she aggressively pretty?

7. Does she have a group of friends who exult in girly togetherness?

8. Does she have a career instead of a job?

9. Does she lift weights and pursue an exhausting exercise regimen?

10. Is she incapable of reading a book by a man?

11. Does she disbelieve in the existence of God?

12. [See Kristor's comment below]

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