Wednesday, March 10, 2010

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It has been a long day -- I went to Dublin to get dinner at Fuddrucker's (Hacienda Crossings). That will probably be the last time I eat at Fuddrucker's. The food itself is ok, I just don't think it's worth the price. Besides, even though the buns are tasty, I should be cutting down on carbs from grains as much as possible. Afterwards I dropped by B&N and found that the end of one of the bookshelves featured books about food -- authors included Michael Pollan, Eric Schlosser, and Paul Roberts. I find a couple of titles I hadn't seen before: Carlo Petrini's Slow Food Nation, Gary Paul Nabhan's Coming Home to Eat, and Marion Nestle's Food Politics.

So why was I in that area? Because April Verch was performing in Pleasanton tonight, along with Cody Walters (originally from Nebraska) and Clay Ross (originally from South Carolina) . I'm glad I went to listen to them. Sarge asked me why I didn't support Christendom more if I liked Celtic music so much. When I was at Christendom I usually agreed with those who criticized Irish music enthusiasts for being "fake Irish." Some had no Irish blood in them, while others were rather distant from their roots. A friend commented that step-dancing resembled someone jumping after being put on a hot iron. Maybe I was too negative, then and now, but I didn't think that adopting Irish music was the best way to cultivate Catholic culture. (This was done at SGA as well.) I believe April Verch and her band mates, in contrast, represent living musical traditions that exist, if not in their families, then in their communities. Much of North American music is Celtic in origin, but it has developed in different ways in different places. It would be far better for Christendom to acquire an identity as a southern Catholic college and take up the musical traditions native to the area. (The college has done this to an extent, in so far as contra dancing has become popular.)

Check out Strung, of which April Verch and Cody Walters are members, plus Doug Cox and Tony McManus.

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