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The sinking of the US Navy.

Navy Times: Cruiser CO relieved for ‘cruelty’

The Thinking Housewife: The Holly and the Navy. I first learned about Capt. Holly Graf through The Spearhead. Sage McLaughlin writes in response to the Thinking Housewife:

This women in the military business is a difficult subject. I obviously have strong opinions-and yes, strong feelings-about it. What I hate most, though, is that it makes me feel ungentlemanly. This is just one more way in which feminism tears down what is good and honorable in both sexes. Faced with such absurdities and outrages, men are forced to argue vehemently for women’s unfitness for certain positions. We are forced to bang on about women’s lack of physical prowess, to assert women’s inherent inferiority in certain spheres, and contrary to liberal belief, decent Christian men hate doing that. I hate being forced to play the part of the chauvinist, to gripe about women’s inability to do this or that thing as well as a man.

It’s possible to make the same points in a genteel way in discreet circumstances, and where the problems are not so radical in scope. But feminist society is passing a certain line of egregiousness, such that a chivalrous attitude is no longer possible. Pointing out female inadequacies, in short, is a thoroughly unpleasant and increasingly necessary business. Quite apart from the concrete issues at stake, we are all poorer for this coarsening of men’s verbal handling of women. (Relatedly, it never occurs to feminists that in order to show super heroines like Buffy the Vampire Slayer triumphing over her male adversaries, they first must show her being savagely punched and kicked by a man, as though this were normal. But such really is the price of “equality.”)

I only wonder what protection feminists will flee to when they’ve finally crushed the last vestiges of Christian chivalry under heel?

Laura Wood responds with a comment about "white-knighting":

As I said in the previous post on patriarchy, deference to feminism is the modern equivalent of chivalry. Men are naturally inclined to some form of deference to women and this instinctive tendency was gradually perverted into what we have today. While men once flung their cloaks on puddles as women walked the street, they now grant them admiralties and warships.

Greed, materialism and just plain ungodliness are part of male capitulation to feminism. But there is also this unspoken code of honor, the natural expression of male competition for female attention and of masculine protectiveness. This does make it hard for men to stand up and complain about these outrages and about the greedy takeover of traditionally male fields.

It has taken an amazingly long time for men in any significant numbers to begin to speak out, rather than simply grumble to themselves.

Of course criticism is not the only way to skin this cat. It’s also possible to praise and defend the feminine ideal.

There are plenty of men out there who are quite willing to criticize women -- anger and hate, by their very nature, are strong motivators.

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Someone, ex-Navy, who defends women being put in command of combat vessels: WOMEN ARE 100% CAPABLE OF SERVING IN COMMAND OF NAVY COMBATANT SHIPS!! DO NOT DOUBT THAT FOR A MILLISECOND.

An example of how military officers feel compelled to defend the presence of women in the military based on a modern egalitarian notion of "merit." Small wonder that there is such little resistance within the military to the trends. With the possible opening of positions on US submarines to women (and hence command positions), how much more can the Navy tolerate? It is fortunate that it, like the Air Force, doesn't have to be tested by an equal enemy.

Drs. Fleming and Wilson are correct -- if men had not supported Feminism, would it have gotten anywhere?

Typical establishment talk, even if muted: Could women sink U.S. submarines?

And the feminist argument.
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