Monday, September 18, 2006

PCR, Bush the Pitiful


Perhaps Bush’s wife or one of his daughters could smuggle him a copy of the recent report on Afghanistan by the Senlis Council, a security and development policy group that closely monitors the situation in Afghanistan. According to this report, “Afghanistan is spiraling into uncontrollable violence.” The Taliban have regained control over half of the country:

“Despite the international community’s concerted five-year focus on military operations, the security situation in Afghanistan is worse than in 2001. The Taliban now have a strong grip on the southern half of the country. Afghans perceive that the United States and NATO troops in southern and eastern Afghanistan are being defeated by the Taliban. The legitimacy of the international community’s presence in Afghanistan is undermined by its incapacity to protect the Afghan population.”

The Senlis Council: Afghanistan Five Years Later - The Return of the Taliban

The group advocates a new examination of how the international community is handling illicit drugs; does it ssupport the legalization of the use these drugs? If so, because there is nothing wrong with the use of the drugs or because the alternative (the current policy) leads to worse consequences?

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