Saturday, September 23, 2006

Why I hate Zach Braff

Why I hate Zach Braff, by Josh Levin

via Daniel Larison

Right on! The movie does seem rather self-indulgent and narcissistic, and an attempt to justify fear of commitment?

And the guy has his own myspace, like Carson Daly. Ugh. Arnold S. says: "Really, what a bunch of girly men." If abusive military training(like in S. Korea) could create some true manliness, I would recommend it for them and plenty of others...

Sigh. Myspace and Facebook. The yearning and the stalking that is involved... seems rather unhealthy. Hugh Heclo wants to maintain that the youth of today are becoming more "connected" through websites and blogs like myspace, but I think he is either enamored with technology, or he doesn't really understand what it means to be a part of a community. Not many moderns do. (Should we take it so far as to say he doesn't understand true friendship?)

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