Thursday, October 29, 2020

Fear and the Desire for Security

Lord Have Mercy

Ketones and Brain Aging


Activism Gets Psased on

More on Soil Health

The Future (of the Democratic Party) is Female

Means to an End, and an End in Itself

Hey progressives and hippies, don't kid yourself if you think that vetting possible guests isn't a necessary preparatory step, or that the meal itself is also a part of the vetting process.

This is Conservatism

Mockingbird Article on Wendell Berry

New Army Greens

Orthodox Morphosis


If He Looks Like a Cuck

Progressive Latins at Work

Following the Example of Francis

The Last Gasps of Triumphalism by the American Church

Liberals Still Believe Their Civic Nationalism Will Remain an Animating Force for Reds

Two Responses

Doing good includes the pursuit of justice, especially a proper punishment, and security of the French people, and closing their borders. But probably not according to Jorge Bergoglio.

Good Luck Taking on Those Who Benefit from Usury

Of course it is. And to deal with them, extreme security measures are necessary.

No Doubt It Will Provide Useful Information

Apologists for Parolin and Francis

Actually, having two different jurisdictional orders for the same territory is very much possible. Juridical "neatness" at the expense of what is pastorally wise is a problem. But apologists for the papal centralism prefer juridical "neatness." Even Latins recognize that the supreme law of the Church is charity, and the good of Christians overrides all other considerations, even "ecclesiastical neatness." Who in Rome consulted the underground bishops in China for their opinions?


Another NuAmerican at Work

A Sorry Attempt at Religious Civic Nationalism