Monday, November 18, 2019

Nordic Combat Uniform

More BS

Another Latin Cult?

They broke away from TFP. Any distinctions in dress between male and female lay members?

Colegio Internacion Heraldos del Evangelio Femenino

1P5: Vatican Investigates Heralds of the Gospel: A Cautionary Tale

Brazilian website - the founder
US website - FB

Pope Francis appoints Brazilian cardinal to watch over ‘Heralds of the Gospel’
Heralds of the Gospel reject papal inquiry as 'illegal'

USASOC MOH Recipients

Unleash the Gospel

What the archdiocese of Detroit has been up to...

CWR Dispatch: As Pope Francis calls for a ‘synodal’ Church, some US dioceses are holding synods by Matt Hadro

Archbishop Vigneron on Unleash the Gospel

Unleash the Gospel
Detroit Archdiocese unveils 'Unleash the Gospel' missionary movement
Detroit Archdiocese launches new publication to build up discipleship

Everyday Evangelism for Catholics


CWR Dispatch: “All Christians are called to evangelism”
Author Cathy Duffy on the universal Christian call to spread the Gospel, and why certain approaches to doing so are more effective than others.

But how does the Christian relate to others? As an isolated individual without sex? Should women be evangelizing men?

Core Values

Nothing New or Enlightening Here

Crisis: ‘A Crisis of Saints’: An Interview with Archbishop José Horacio Gómez by Michael Warren Davis

To me, the promise of America, America’s exceptional place in history, is to carry forward the beautiful Judeo-Christian vision of the sanctity and dignity of the human person—created in God’s image, endowed with God-given rights and responsibilities, and called to a transcendent destiny.

So, individualism, secularism, relativism—a society where a lot of people don’t believe anymore that it’s even possible for us to know God—this is all mission territory for us as Catholics, as Christians.

We need to be salt and leaven, to use our Lord’s terms. And there’s that beautiful image from the early Church: “The Christian is to the world what the soul is to the body.”

We need to work to purify our culture and our politics, and our own hearts and intentions. And we need to work to restore the centrality of the human person, the sanctity and the mystery of the human person. At least, that’s how I see it.

Liberal exceptionalism.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

The Feminization Continues

CNA: Pope Francis: Women’s voices are needed in Vatican leadership

Square Notes Interview with Cardinal Sarah, Part 2

Square Notes Podcast

(Part 1 here)

USCCB Prattling

CWR Dispatch: Analysis: The USCCB ‘abortion debate,’ and what came after by JD Flynn

A comment there:
All this noise about a letter that most people and in all likelihood most Roman Catholics won't read...

Clueless bishops - pastoring through useless publishing. Do the laity need another voter's guide for 2020? Bishops do not have any special competence with respect to moral theology, including that area of moral theology which would encompass moral life. Nor is their judgment regarding the conclusions of moral theology infallible. At best, it might be possible that the majority opinion regarding the soundness of a conclusion might be worthy of consideration - so long as they acknowledge that they have the option of abstaining because of their lack of competence. When bishops cannot even get the first principles of political community correct (look at the incomplete state of Roman Catholic social teaching in this regard), does it really matter what they think about political matters. At best they could give discuss evils that are prohibited and what obvious voting choices are prohibited because they facilitate or involve formal cooperation in evil. But they would also have to acknowledge that it is possible that they are ignorant about other voting choices that facilitate evil or involve formal cooperation in evil, as these are known only to the experts in the moral theology.

Friday, November 15, 2019


1P5: The Theology Behind Women Wearing Veils in Church by Peter Kwasniewski

It is ok in so far as it goes though I found the talk about "equality" a bit blue-pilled. And the author does not talk at all about the necessity of the virtue of modesty for women, which too is a sign of being blue-pilled.

Also from 1P5: The Catholic Identity Conference: A Call for All Catholics to Rise Up by Timothy Flanders

The mouthpiece of Tradition, Bishop Athanasius Schneider, formed the centerpiece of the conference, delivering the keynote address as well as a short talk against Communion in the hand. He has been increasingly vocal against the Vatican II springtime, which has been a welcome relief of honestly facing the crisis as it has been continuing to unravel for decades.
His comments on the liturgy were salient on this. He said the New Mass is “substantially a clear weakening of the truth of the sacrificial character of the Mass.” It represents a “shift to the Protestant meaning and sense of the meal … in the text [of the Mass] itself.” Indeed, “The Novus Ordo is the Extraordinary Form.

What Would Endo Say Now?

Has anyone attempted to inculturate Christianity in Japan by referring to Christ as the rising sun? Would Endo's objections or doubts about Christianity be eased if he had been exposed instead to a non-Latin form of Christianity? Would a Byzantine soteriology be more amenable to the Japanese mindset, or Endo's at least?

CWR: Catholicism in the Land of the Rising Sun (and declining population) by Ray Cavanaugh
Japanese Catholics are such a small minority—less than half of 1 percent—that sustaining the faith throughout succeeding familial generations has been difficult.


Thursday, November 14, 2019

A Model of a Communal Life?

Abbeville: Overextending Political Loyalties by Walt Garlington

The USCCB VP Speaks

Archbishop Allen Vigneron of Detroit

CNA/CWR: ‘We need to become an evangelizing Church,’ says new USCCB VP

Is what Latin Catholics have to offer to their non-believing neighbors a true witness of Christ or a scandal to those who, even if imperfectly, adhere to the Natural Law better than Catholics who have been infected by liberalism?

The New Pope


Because fiction is more humorous than reality. And it's not real. I hope Pius XIII wakes up from his coma and there is a struggle for the see of St. Peter.

The first teaser...

ChiComs at Work

Sandro Magister: The Accord Between China and the Vatican Has One Sure Effect: More Persecution. A Dramatic Report from the Diocese of Mindong

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Ominous Signs for the Latin Churches in the US

But not unexpected -- they continue to travel their path towards irrelevance and rejection.

CWR: ‘I just wanted to be a priest’: Archbishop Gomez elected president of USCCB

The face of the modern American church, aligned with the left on issues of political order in the name of a distorted moral theology that ignores the order of charity and its analogues at the natural level, and hence irrelevant to American “conservatives.”

Only the laity can restore credibility of the Church to their non-believing American neighbors, and they will have to do it by denouncing the pronouncements of the USCCB as not being representative of Tradition or authentic apostolic Christianity. The bishops will not learn, not even if Robert Sarah were to object to their liberalism and globalism.

CNA/CWR: US bishops approve updated seminary program, Hispanic ministry efforts

Bishop Felipe de Jesus Estevez of St. Augustine, Florida, in floor discussions preceding the vote, said that in the last two years both he and Bishop Andrew Cozzens, auxiliary bishop of St. Paul, Minnesota, had been working as part of a larger group on a “deepening” of understanding of priestly celibacy in seminary formation.

This understanding of clerical celibacy, he said, is “based on an effective maturity” that is “both spousal and paternal.” Estevez said that he and Bishop Cozzens would be working to publish a book on this called “Spiritual Husbands, Spiritual Fathers.”
Who exactly do they have to judge effective maturity? "Professionals"? Women? Celibate male clerics who have been part of the system for a while and may be part of the problem? The blind leading the blind. As for the whole sacramental theology surrounding "in persona Christi" the implications, i.e. the priest being "married to the Church like Christ, and being a "spiritual husband" should raise a few eyebrows but Latins are used to this sort of talk by now.

The votes were followed by a discussion of the V Encuentro meeting of 2018, a national gathering of more than 3,000 Hispanic Catholic leaders in the U.S. The bishops discussed some of the results of the Encuentro as providing a blueprint for the future of the Church in the U.S., and how the conference needs to incorporate those results at the parish level.

More than a year after the close of the V Encuentro, the bishops voted on Tuesday to start the process of incorporating the meeting’s conclusions and findings into its strategic plan for 2021-2024.

Recently, a Pew Research report on religious identity in the U.S. found that Catholics no longer make up a majority among Hispanics. The percentage of Catholics among Hispanics fell by 10% over the last decade.

Bishop Nelson Perez of Cleveland, Ohio, said a statement from the conference in response to the V Encuentro should emphasize leadership development among Hispanic Catholics, as well as vocations to the priesthood or religious life, successful models of ministry, and a vision of the Church as a defender of social justice and human dignity.

The Latin churches are bleeding members, and the "new Catholics" are not as Catholic as they hoped. So their solution? To double down on catering to multiculturalism and diversity.


CNA/CWR: Bishop Barron on how to reach out to the ‘nones’

Young people, said Barron, do not respond well to some of Catholicism’s teachings – particularly those on sex. What they do seem to appreciate, however, is the Church’s teachings on social justice. Barron suggested that it could be effective to lead with the Church’s teachings on social justice, referring to this as the “path of justice.”

Urban-dwelling Millenials have been thoroughly in the SJW gospel. We already know the Latins have capitulated on feminism. Will they also capitulate on LGQBT and other identity issues?


Latin: Living Language, Ancient Rite by Jerry Salyer
If we seek a restoration, it is necessary to promote a renewed appreciation of the ancient liturgy and a revival of Latin-centered education.

For his part, Professor Owens emphasizes that Catholics seeking an explanation for how and why we have moved so far away from this state of affairs should resist the temptation to hastily scapegoat the councilors of Vatican II, as the rise of the modern, centralized nation-state played a role by displacing Latin in favor of national languages. A vicious cycle ensued, for as fewer teachers were able to teach Latin well, fewer teachers were able to, well, teach Latin well.

Was the rise of nation-states in Europe a problem? Yes. But was the second millenium papacy a solution to that problem? Or an ecclesial monoculture? Could the Germanic tribes have developed a different culture and received their own patriarchate(s) in due time? What could the Church have done to preserve the independence of European polities in the face of nationalism and centralization of power?