Saturday, July 20, 2019

The End of the Road

Body Armor

10 SFG

Raising Children

What Sort of Vile Propaganda Is This?

Something for the companies marketing the HPV vaccine?

What's the likelihood of virgins who marry and stay married to one another getting HPV?

Super Girls

Bishop Ignatius Wang

Hong Kong

Shanghai Fortress

China's own version of the movie Independence Day...

Current Guilty Pleasure

Yellowstone - the story of Kayce and his wife is the least interesting to me.

"Yellowstone Theme" LIVE by Brian Tyler

Thursday, July 18, 2019

If They Were Going to Use CGI

to touch up the catsuits, why not put the mammary glands in the right place?

Terminator: Dark Fate Comic-Con Featurette


I hear Linda Hamilton's granny voice (almost as bad as Carrie Fisher's voice in the new Star Wars movies) and it breaks my suspension of disbelief. Boomer Girl-Power.

This is not Linda Hamilton:

Kyrie Eleison

The Top Gun Sequel

1. Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet (and not that POS F-35C)
2. Maverick didn't become commander of the U.S. Navy Blue Angels?
3. A couple of shots of the man who is presumably Goose's son.
4. And of course, there is this movie's Captain Marvel, "Phoenix," who gets a clear headshot in the trailer unlike Goose's kid. Maybe the surprise is that she'll be shot down by the enemy, but that would be too much subversion of expectations.
5. No hint of any real-world enemies who will be engaged in combat, though it doesn't look like it will be Iran or China. A fight in Ukraine with Russia?

Not sure if Tom Cruise can pull off another Mission: Impossible movie. Maybe he should use FaceApp and get used to the idea of playing an older character who is not an action hero.

Total War: Three Kingdoms

Abacus News

Always the Girl Power Element

Chinese "Science" FTW!


Dr. Anthony E. Clark on the China Situation

Wednesday, July 17, 2019