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No Longer Advertising Itself as a Spiritual Day Spa

Ah, spoke too soon -- the local Legionary house still in operation: Spa for the Soul for Women, though that is from 2013. Otherwise, the website has been revamped. Who keeps this house financially afloat? Meanwhile, there is no longer a distinct LC website; the info for the LC is to be found in the Regnum Christi website.

The cult seems to be slowly dying out.

The Dragon Lady is Gone

Ellen Pao resigns. Check out the excuse-making in her resignation. The Reddit announcement. NYTimes white-knights and Steve Sailer notices.

Holy Virgin Cathedral Choir

Handling Death

Skimmed through Transformers: Age of Extinction; one of the minor characters is killed by a transformer weapon which turns inorganic and organic matter into metal. His death reminded me of the death of a minor character in Jurassic World; in both instances the major characters know what has happened, but there is no praying, no mourning. Even though one could say that the relationship with the major character(s) is more of a business relationship rather than a real friendship, still it's a rather sad depiction of how people deal with death. (I imagine this problem of Hollywood is magnified in disaster movies like San Andreas or 2012.) At least the pagans mourned and prayed.

Critics Need to Stop Navel-Gazing

And work for the alternative, if they think the Benedict Option isn't it. Most critics seem happy being armchair pontiffs or prophets.

From Rod Dreher:
‘Progress’ and the Benedict Option
More Benedict Option Criticism
A Benedict Option Omnibus

Northern Limit Line


NORTHERN LIMIT LINE opens in theaters July 17th - Check out the Official US Trailer below!

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Be as Wise as...

"Bold Proposal" to Screw European Taxpayers Again

Fr. Fessio is a reader of Mish; does he help chart the course for Ignatius Press accordingly?

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Frohnen and Dreher on the Benedict Option

“If Not Retreat, Then What?,” By Bruce Frohnen

Mr. Frohnen assumes that it is still possible to bring about political and legal change; the Benedict Option does not necessarily make assumptions about this possibility one way or another, though it is usually understood as a response to a society become de-Christianized and the loss of political influence for Christians. (And while Dreher judges the current situation to be one of increasingly diminished influence for Christians, he still thinks it is possible to achieve some political goals within the system.)

The Benedict Option, in so far as it includes networking, building up local communities, friendships, and alliances so that there is a unified power base to bring about political change, is a necessary part of an effort to curb the power of the Federal National Government. However, even if strong local Christian communities cannot bring about change at the state and federal levels, the community is nonetheless a good desirable in itself, and it cannot be stated enough that in many places, such communities do not even exist, even though Christians may be going to church every Sunday.

Critics of the Benedict Option by Rod Dreher

Rod Dreher: "The Benedict Option is a call for cultural resistance through building endurance and resilience within ourselves, our families, and our communities."

Psychological or existential resilience? Perhaps not in the all-encompassing political-economic sense used in sustainability circles.

Withdrawal? The literal meaning of the word refers to locomotion, e.g. moving back into homes, Catholic "ghettos." But it can also mean avoiding what is harmful; Christians do need to be more circumspect about mass culture and what they buy and from whom they buy it (better to purchase from a local producer who is hostile to Christianity than from a corporation?). They also need to refocus their lives on works, observing the order of charity, and practicing charity with their fellow Christians first.

Masterpiece Theater Promo for the Sherlock Christmas Special

Alas, it is too much in the spirit of the modern Moffat version.

There's a Disney Channel Korea

Yes, there is.

Nine members of SMROOKIES will be the "mouseketeers" on Disney Channel Korea's new reboot of "#TheMickeyMouseClub"! M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E~

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Fight the corporation.
Today's episode of Rockford Files was pushing the homosexual agenda, even if in the form of a mobster who had no qualms about killing his lover in order to keep his secret. After all, all he wanted was acceptance from his father (also a mobster) and society in general.

Moffat Should Have Done This From the Very Beginning

of Sherlock, instead of giving his own "modern" interpretation of the character. (Assuming that the Christmas special character will be more faithful to the novels.)

Sherlock Christmas Special Reveals First Official Promo Image


Or is it compatible with married man game, the mix of alpha and beta that is necessary? St. John Chrysostom:

An Important Ecumenical Work

Though it is probably not intended as such; this collection of essays will be a good source on the best of Latin theology on this topic for Byzantine theologians and bishops?

Divinization, Liturgy, and Evangelization
July 08, 2015
A new volume of essays shows how the proper context for thinking about divinization is the liturgy, for God has chosen the liturgy as the primary locus for communicating his divine life
Dr. Jared Ortiz

(via Insight Scoop)

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Lee Young Ae + Miss Korea

Lee Young Ae will judge Miss Korea 2015

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Tipping Point

La Raza takes back California

The X-Files Promo

The Principle is Correct

That women should breastfeed and not be stigmatized for it (though it is in dispute whether this needs to be done "modestly" relative to specific cultures, such as in American, or not). But should the pope be an authority upholding it?

Feed Your Children Well
Pope Francis backs breastfeeding, even in mass. Good.

Watkins Family Hour

Coming to the Freight in August.

Exciting news! Sara Watkins and Sean Watkins are taking their long-running monthly Largo at the Coronet show, Watkins...

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Our official music video for "Steal Your Heart Away" is out now! You can get the track instantly at Apple Music when you pre-order our debut record at

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All you folks in Chicago, have a good time this weekend at #dead50! We'll see you there at Old Town School of Folk Music this August for three sold out nights!

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Some Fluff

There's enough drama in the family...

Do you think Lee Jun Ki, Lee Yoo Bi, and Lee Soo Hyuk / 이수혁 resemble their Scholar Who Walks the Night 밤을 걷는 선비 characters?

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Law Enforcement Targets - Paul Howe on Paper Target Training

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Wesley Smith's Podcast Series for Ancient Faith Radio

Wesley Smith introduces his podcast, as well as the concept of human exceptionalism.

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A Curious Essay

At Radix, in which the author endorses liberalism: Where the Right Went Wrong by Ryan Andrews
The essence of the Right is an unequal order. But the first principle must not be because it is natural, or in keeping with any given tradition; these rationales crumble under logical examination.[3] It must not be a reality that is accepted, but an ideal that is worth achieving. It must be an ideal that has human happiness as its aim; it must consider what the individual does want, and attempt to answer what he should want.

To make this concrete, there is no intrinsic conflict between ethno-nationalism and the core spirit of Liberalism. Ethno-nationalism flows from a logical, idealistic, abstract ideology of individual happiness—particularism. The starting point for particularism is that the individual should want to perpetuate himself, and therefore the state should be a means to this end. However, self-perpetuation means different things to different people. So the idea is that there ought to be a far greater multiplicity of states, representing as many human spirits as possible in order that the state may represent the individual’s will as closely as possible. The nature of the individual’s bond with his fellow citizens could be ethnic, religious, ideological, anything that is willed with sufficient power. The only limiting principle is the viability of the state, and its society, to perpetuate itself.

Are there then no genuine social goods? An state in which the individual's private good is no longer a state (or community) but some sort of alliance. The essay seems rather incoherent. Why should an individual seek to preserve his ethnicity or heritage, rather than creating a new one?

Japan: A Not So Successful Story of Development

Despite the wealth it attained through trade and the industrial age.

The Pope’s Letter: Neoliberalism and Fukushima by Mateo Pimentel

Tear Everything Down Instead

National Cathedral & Confederate Windows by Mark Tooley

Given the march to the "left" by the Episcopal Church and the building's location in Washington, D.C., and the concomitant temptation to some form of Americanism, National Cathedral, this decision to remove the windows was inevitable. The Episcopal Church should be complete in its auto-demolition by removing every last trace of itself.

Nerds in Charge

Eiji Tsuburaya may be an important part of Japanese pop culture, but does he warrant a Google Doodle, in comparison with the people who matter? There aren't more significant anniversaries? A culture of artificial holidays.

Google Japan celebrates Godzilla and Ultraman creator with Warioware-esque mini-game
In honour of Eiji Tsuburaya's 114th birthday.
The Independent

5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Michael Pakaluk – First Comes Friendship?

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Not Genocide

But close enough? I didn't know this history about Paraguay:

In the Country of the Matriarchs by Sandro Magister

It is Paraguay, final destination of the Latin American journey of Pope Francis. A nation that only the women could save at a crucial moment of its history. And that is still living on the legacy of the “Reducciones”

Pope Francis pays a courtesy visit to the President of the Republic, after which he visits the city's Cathedral and greets the people. Watch LIVE now!

Posted by Vatican Radio - English Section on Monday, July 6, 2015

An Insider's Look at Fukushima

Looking Inside Fukushima Prefecture by ROBERT HUNZIKER

50 Years of Dune

Dune, 50 years on: how a science fiction novel changed the world by Hari Kunzru

The Guardian
Washington Post

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The Orthodox Response to Obergefell v Hodges

Same-sex marriage? This is what the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops had to say.

Posted by Orthodox Christian Network on Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Reminder to Myself

Yes. Lord have mercy!

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