Saturday, January 26, 2013

5 Years and No Improvement

In quality, or change in the taste of the porridge, from what I remember when we were there last. I had the sliced beef porridge tonight at Fat Wong's. The spicy salty pork was cooked better but instead of using peppers they used black pepper, which was a bad decision even if it didn't ruin the dish completely. They ran out of rice noodles so we couldn't try the beef chow fun. The fried noodlees with chicken and greens - the chicken was a bit bland. Well, there's something to be said for consistency. But we probably won't go there again, at least not for another 5 years.

While driving to Fat Wong's we passed by Korean Bar-B-Que. Worth a try?

More "Conservative" Feminism

This time at The Public Discourse.

Competing with men in school and work? Check.
Calling on government and companies to support women as a consequence of their bad choices? Check.
etc. etc.

Ho hum.

Forty Years Later: It's Time for a New Feminism by Elise Italiano

A Maronite Church

I saw Our Lady of Lebanon on the map while examining the areas of Millbrae and San Bruno near Fat Wong's. No photos availble; perhaps I'll visit one of these Sundays.

.Sleepy Man Banjo Boys - Newport Folk Festival Experience .

Sierra Noble, "I Can See"


Alan Jacobs on Facebook

Facebook Forever?

How much do current friendships and their maintenance factor into the decision-making process of those who are thinking of moving out of a region or state? I suspect very little, and while FB may satisfy their need to feel "chummy" through being updated and such, how many of them actually take the time to do something more substantial to stay in touch? Talking on the phone or writing a letter? Facebook may indeed be most useful to family members; their ties are based on more than whim. Those who know what it is to maintain close friendships will not really need it, and FB will foster illusions for the rest.

End of Christian Unity Week

Rome Reports: Benedict XVI meets with Oriental Orthodox Church leaders

Benedict XVI: Ecumenism requires a personal conversion to heal past wounds

Zenit: Papal Address to Orthodox-Catholic Commission
"All Christians need to work together in mutual acceptance and trust"


Or a certain subset? "Stop feeding the system."

The author of Captain Capitalism has a new book out - Enjoy the Decline.

Aaron Clarey: Is America’s economic future hopelessly lost?

Yankee Progressivism in Catholic Form

This video is from 2011, but links to it popped up this year, of course.

Instead of taking on the heroes of the secular liberal establishment, shouldn't we hold up our own? But how many do we have, other than the American saints, the majority of whom were religious or priests? Forced integration has not happened. Most African-Americans arguably identify themselves as being separate from "whites." Affirmative action and other injustices claimed to be just have only created more animosity. Civil rights legislation is an example of government overreach, trying to impose [greater] integration from above. Equality under the law is a consequence of viewing the other as an equal and a part of the group - this attitude must be addressed first, and it cannot be coerced by law. Might it have been feasible to let everyone go their separate ways if that is what they desired? Those who wish to live with one another should be allowed to do so, those who wish to live apart, the same. Instead, we have to have a one-size-fits-all national solution in the name of natural law, or the liberal perversion of it.

If you seek to convert hearts, then you must do what it takes to convert hearts, rather than coercing external action through law (or, as it is done nowadays, police thought). Only love and forgiveness can overcome the suffering and pain due to slavery, racism, injustice, but also the results of what was done to the South by the North.

Mass Education as Social Experiment

Or an artificial social arrangement that has a negative impact on the subjects.

Steve Sailer on High School and Jr. High/Middle School.

Paul Craig Roberts on the Limits of Nature to Economics

Nature’s Capital Is The Limiting Resource

Way ahead of other "conservative" or libertarian economists. He cites Jared Diamond's Collapse.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Not really in the mood to post or finish anything "original" today. Took a look at A. Staninec's schedule and I see that several dates have been added for the Kathy Kallick Band. The group will be performing at The Woodshed in Los Gatos on May 3.

Mark Sisson on Balanced Bites

Podcast Episode #71: Mark Sisson talks The Primal Connection! (mp3)

Gruene, Texas

tourist info

Related to grün.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

For Some, This May Be the Most Important News of the Last 24 Hours

BREAKING: J.J. Abrams to Direct Star Wars: Episode VII!

I think Abrams is overrated as a director, and given what he has done to the Star Trek franchise, he and Star Wars deserve each other.

JKD with Ted Wong

Black Belt: Jeet Kune Do Techniques: Ted Wong Shows You How to Fix 14 Mistakes


news hub

A cousin was interested in taking a class, but no instructors were nearby. Ted Wong passed away two years ago. Are of any students as well-known as he is? How well-known is Tommy Caruthers in the UK? He's gotten older in appearance - those videos posted on youtube must have been taken a while ago.

He had a weekend seminar in SF just last November (eventbrite).

From 2010: Bruce Lee 2010 – Can A 51-Year-Old Son Of Scotland Pull It Off?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What is a Friend?

Christians: Siblings, Not ‘Friends’? by Wesley Hill
But a story like the one my friends recounted confronts me with the question of whether the relationships they enjoy—in which meals are prepared, help is given and received—are best described as “friendships” at all. From my friends’ neighbors’ perspective, my friends’ church network seems more familial than friendly. It seems more like a circle of siblings than a network of acquaintances.
As those commenting on the post point out, it's the author's premise about what friendship is that may be the source of bewilderment - even if it is drawn from the experience of contemporary "relationships" that are called friendships. Familial language is used in the NT because we become adopted Sons of God through Christ and are all given the privilege of calling God "Father." But (as Aristotle points out) that does not mean that those who are family cannot also be friends - the two words mean different things which are not mutually opposed.

An Attempt to Make Sense of Berry

Reading Wendell Berry on Marriage by Jake Meador

Going to Wait for Confirmation Before I Comment Further

AP: Panetta opens combat roles to women

Initial reactions from Vox, L. Auster, The Thinking Housewife, Steve Sailer.

"Some Catholic politician."
The Moral Torment of Leon Panetta
Leon Panetta to Pope Benedict: ‘Pray for me’

More on the End of Growth

via Richard Heinberg: Perfect Storm: Energy, Finance, and the End of Growth by Dr. Tim Morgan (pdf)
I went to the Foodopoly book event last night in San Francisco, and the audience was what you would associate with the city of San Francisco. Definitely "counter-culture" and progressive, as is the author herself, though she inherited a family farm (purchased by her father) in Virginia (less than an hour away from D.C.).

Some "liberals" and "conservatives" may agree that forming tactical alliances spanning the "political spectrum" in order implement change that is in accordance with localism and agrarianism is the political option to pursue. (The author, Wenonah Hauter, would probably agree, though she would also advocate a grassroots populist movement to get change done at the national level as well.) But are there other strategies that traditionalists should consider? Do they have to stay in one place, when their ties to it are so few and they are surrounded by people who have a different culture? If they have a duty to stay or no other choice, then they have to make the best out of their situation. But what real community can they have with those who are opposed to them on other questions of morals and see them as being intolerant and bigoted?

Can we get beyond the power play, acting as if life were a big competition or struggle between different groups? Do traditionalists have an alternative? Their solution may differ from those who believe might is right or the devout adherents of liberalism, but we shouldn't be so naive as to think that we differ only because of honest mistakes.

For dinner I tried a Let's be Frank hot dog at Gott's. It tastes very different from your normal hot dog and even the packaged grass-fed beef ones at Whole Foods, and I thought it was quite good. Is a package of dogs worth the price?

Four ways the local food movement is transforming race relations in America

Her Singing Has Improved...

with the help of the modern music studio? Kim Ha Neul...

Ordinariate Anniversary: Interview with Mgr Keith Newton

Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham - FB

Saint Sophia


The National Preserve

Another video.

Fr. Cassian Folsom on the Liturgy

NLM: Dom Cassian Folsom: "The Great Divorce: An Attempt to Diagnose the Root Cause of Our Liturgical Ills" - Norcia podcast (I've posted the mp3 before.)

A US Version of House of Cards

I read today that it is being developed by Netflix, and stars Kevin Spacey. Can it make sense outside of the UK Parliament? Maybe, maybe not.


'House of Cards' On Netflix: Inside Intel on Kevin Spacey's Dark Drama

I doubt it will be better than the original BBC production. Ian Richardson > Kevin Spacey?

Video: Richard Heinberg - Energy and the Delusion of Endless Growth

(via Resilience)

(via Resilience)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Pope Tweets in Latin

Hoping to revive an ancient tongue, Pope tweets in Latin

In Search of Greener Pastures Abroad

Fred Reed: How to Marry a Third-World Woman
And Live Happily Every After--Somewhere Else

The Spearhead: The Wisdom of Submission to Feminism

Twelve O'Clock High for TV

Empire: HBO Launches Masters Of The Air
From Tom Hanks & Steven Spielberg

Except this will be a whole miniseries centered on the enlisted men of the bombing crews, rather than on the officers. But could the depiction of their missions get repetitive?

The movie Twelve O'Clock High, with Gregory Peck:

I didn't know there was a TV series based on the movie.

A Conversation with Marcel Pérès

For Capella Romana.

Parts 2, 3, and 4.

A Collection of Essays by Dr. Clyde Wilson

At the Abbeville Institute

The Fading of the Old South

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Alleluia: V. O Kyrios

A Response to Fr. Lombardi

Why You Can’t Side With The Vatican on Gun Control by Andrew Haines

(Fr. Lombardi's editorial mentioned here.)

A Few Words on Downton Abbey

The series has devolved into a soap opera for those who think their tastes are better than that of women who indulge in daytime soaps, telenovelas, or primetime garbage. Unfortunately, many Catholics have been lured into the show, and some even take pride in the fact that the show's creator is Catholic. The latest attack on traditionalism? The support by practically everyone in episode 3 (with the exception of Carson, maybe) of women's suffrage. Lord Grantham may disapprove of Edith's writing an editorial in a newspaper in favor of giving all women the vote, but Matthew claims that he actually agrees with Edith's position. I bet if Bates were asked, he would assent to it as well. Only the fuddy-duddy Carson, who opposes any sort of progress (whether it be an electric toaster or women's suffrage), gives any sign of disapproval. But any traditionalism worth its name includes a defense of patriarchy (THE AUTHORITY OF THE HUSBAND ACCORDING TO THE MAGISTERIUM by Rev. Paul N. Check).

Western "conservative" Catholics who are fans of the show will nonetheless probably look past this and claim the show reflects "conservative" values, when really it remakes the aristocracy in the image of modern liberalism, while catering to women's desires for extravagance and comfort and drama. I've got better things to do then subject myself to more propaganda masquerading as art.

Alpha Game Plan: Please take away her rights

History Detectives Suffrage Pennant

Watch Suffrage Pennant on PBS. See more from History Detectives.

A P.inC. Essay for Tomorrow

All’s Well That Ends Well?: Reflections on Liberalism and Race by Mark G. Malvasi

Politically incorrect in some respects, but PC in others?
We have, of course, come a long way as a nation and a people. We now understand, at least I hope we do, that race is not a fact of nature, not a biological reality; it is, rather, the product of history, an ideological construct that has taught men and women what physical attributes to notice and what meaning to attach to them. Even the most apparently immutable racial characteristics can be altered by a single act of miscegenation. If there is no biological support for racial differences, then there is no biological justification for racial inequality. It is no dreamy romanticism to insist that there is but one race. Although race is unreal, the consequences of racism have been real enough. If race is a fiction, it is a fiction worth disposing of once and for all, since it has done far more harm than good and since it more often than not has proven a national disgrace.
Race may not be a substance with an essence in its own right, but as a reference to a cluster of genetic lineages which exhibit certain physical characteristics (with some variability), is there not some reality to it, more than the author is willing to concede? The use of the word "immutable" is misleading.

Then there's the panegyric...

Obama will be using the occasion for the inauguration of his second term as well.

Dr. Esolen on Obama's Common Core

Life Under Compulsion: The Dehumanities

Common Core State Standards Initiative
Obama Bribes States to Adopt National Education Curriculum

Mark Mitchell on the Coffee & Markets Podcast

Discussing The Politics of Gratitude. (mp3)

Music to the Ears of Liberals

Especially self-loathing white liberals. Bad news for those who identify with and value Anglo-American culture.

California's Hispanic population to outnumber whites by end of 2013

Confronting Energy Scarcity

Political transformation in the age of energy scarcity by Kurt Cobb (Resilience)

Delta Goodrem on Rove LA

Along with Michael Bublé