Friday, February 01, 2019

More Talk, Any Action?

Academics, trying to justify their privilege with more conference and symposia.

Rod Dreher: The Future of St. Blockbuster's Parish

CZ P-10

FN 509 Midsize

The Implosion of Higher Education

Who controls the purse strings? And for whose benefit? When the bubble bursts, these schools of indoctrination deserve to disappear.

Rod Dreher: Fighting To The Death Over Scraps

Joel Salatin

If a Catholic supports the Gillette ad, she is part of the problem.

More feminist than Catholic.


No Non-Whites to Take the Fall for This One


Challenger Disaster Remembered

President Reagan

Book Giveaway

Lowell Overachiever, Of Course

Junior raises money for adoption awareness with bluegrass music by Anna Kaplan

Good for Helen Ludé. I'm curious about her appearance -- was the phenotype influenced a lot by environment? She looks rather Americanized. Or is that mostly the makeup?

instagram and YT

A survey she was involved in on TV watching habits - Media after Millenials.

Just a Backpack?

SureFire Field Notes Episode 40

SF in Vietnam

On the SIG Machine Gun Design

The Usual Suspects, Again

Bernard-Henri Lévy: Poster Boy For the False Europe by SCOTT MCCONNELL
The rich philosophe is trying to save the continent from Euroskeptics. But his scholarship is sloppy and his politics inconsistent.

First Things: THE WEST IS STIRRING by John Waters
Europe is coming apart at the seams, but not in the ways the E.U. intellectuals divine.

30 Writers Sign Letter Calling for "Resistance" to European Populism
Europe 'coming apart before our eyes', says 30 top intellectuals
Fight for Europe - or the Wreckers Will Destroy It

Just a coincidence that an overwhelming majority of these "intellectuals" are Jewish or have Jewish sympathies?

The Jewish Contribution to the European Integration Project

Meriem Laribi

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Two with Lauren Chen

Will it be more PC this season?

Strike Back

Maybe She'll Reconsider Her Life Choices

Then again, she's a Mainlander, so probably not.

Rod Dreher: Amelie Zhao Learns To Love Big Brother

Her website.

The Zuck's Sister is Mentioned

Rod Dreher: Classics Studies: No Country For White Men

Dan-el Padilla Peralta, apparently doing a job whites don't want to do, being a useless academic.

See also Kill the Racist Classics?


with Japanese subs

Gail Tverberg on Peak Oil

Gail Tverberg: How the Peak Oil story could be “close,” but not quite right

CBS Is Desperate for Viewers

They put the season 2 premiere of STD on youtube.

‘Star Trek Discovery’ EP Talks Season 3 Seeds & ‘Picard’ Series On CBS All Access – TCA

Papal Meddling

Fr. Z: Wikileaks: Francis’ private letter about power struggle over Knights of Malta --> Edward Pentin

How much of a common Mediterranean Christian culture exists now?

Especially since Greek is no longer the lingua franca of the Mediterranean, and many of the Christian peoples have been replaced or assimilated into the cultures of foreign invaders?

Wandering Earth 流浪地球

The Verge

making of

Exclusive Interview with Liu Cixin (English subtitles) | 刘慈欣专访:未来的神奇之处,我们无法想象


Chow Yun Fat Interview from 1993

Monday, January 28, 2019

The Chosen One?

Not yet.

CNN Town Hall


Rod Dreher Wants You to Know

that white nationalism is evil! Maybe he offers a definition of WN somewhere else, but I'm not going to do a search for it right now.

Library Liberals Gaslighting Whitey
The American Libraries Association fights ‘white fragility’ — and in so doing, aids and abets white racism

He recognizes that mainstream conservatism or the Republican party cannot offer something to men who are fed up with the system. But what does Dreher have to offer? Isn't he part of mainstream conservatism, or the part of conservatism that accepts egalitarianism and feminism?

What The Establishment Right Doesn’t Get By ROD DREHER

I’ve noticed lately at my local Orthodox parish, we’re starting to see more young adults showing up, especially men. It’s certainly not because Orthodoxy is about machismo. It’s partly because Orthodoxy gives young men something to struggle against, and it doesn’t cater to pop culture fashion. It’s spiritually and morally serious, and gives people something to struggle for. Again: you can’t fight Something with Nothing. So much American Christianity is … nothing.

And what will happen to this interest if Orthodox bishops in America decide to go along with the SJW ideology and start condemning white nationalism and the like?

New Knives for 2019


OCA West

a video

(news article)


Ramen Heads

Alysa Liu

The Chinese newspaper World Journal had this story on the front page. Chinese people aren't afraid to be ethnonationalist.

13-year old wins gold at U.S Skating Championships
A star is born: Alysa Liu, 13, becomes youngest ever US figure skating champ

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Saint Petersburg commemorates 75th anniversary of Siege of Leningrad

Brion McClanahan's Story

Six Centuries of Work and Wages by James Edwin Thorold Rogers

Imaginative Conservative: Getting the Middle Ages Right: The Plight of the English Worker by John Horvat

There is No Right to Rule

As if someone could claim it for one's self, or that he received it from God.

Imaginative Conservative: Who Has the Right to Rule Us? by Alexander Salter

T. Kozinski on Classical Education

The Imaginative Conservative: A Classical Educational Creed by Thaddeus Kozinski

Dreher Utilizes Girard

But to what degree is he successful? He also refers to Bishop Barron's most recent piece at CWR.

I am reminded of C. R. Hallpike's criticism of Girard. See also his book Ship of Fools, and I do not find Girard's account of scapegoating convincing. (Though I suppose I should read what he has to say about sacrifice as well.) Just because his theory lead to his reversion back to the Catholic faith, it doesn't mean that it is true or correct; it may be that God can nonetheless use error to lead someone back.

See also Death to the Death Penalty? René Girard’s Challenge to Thomas Aquinas by Tyler Graham

Dreher is still Dreher in his concerns:

One immense challenge to Christians is to find a way to fight this scapegoating, and to endure it when it can’t be fought, without returning hatred for hatred. I can imagine that it would be easy for those Covington boys to be tempted by far-right white nationalism, especially given the disgraceful spectacle of some of their own woke Catholic bishops throwing them under the bus. (This is what Girard meant when he talked about churches today being “vulnerable to the ongoing blackmail of contemporary neo-paganism.”) But that would be morally wrong, and even a betrayal of the Gospel. When we lose sight of the fact that we ourselves can be part of the mob, and start to see ourselves as innocent by virtue of our identity (racial, sexual, religious, etc.), then we fall into the same scapegoating mechanism that has captured those who hate us.

Daniel McCarthy on James Burnham


Still at it...

Breitbart: Pope Francis Urges Welcome for Jesus, Who Still ‘Migrates’ Today

Delibes: Lakmé - Duo des fleurs (Flower Duet), Sabine Devieilhe & Marianne Crebassa

Extreme Job